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I like that Carol is the lead but it’s at least a nice nod. Hopefully he doesn’t get space cancer. :wink:


i thought the first one mentioned Ronan too. but it didnt


I didn’t know you believed in Astrology Ronnie :wink:


Disney own Rambo now too? Great.


You misspelled astronomy. :wink:




wrong cancer Ronnie


Is this where put the Simpsons meme? :wink:


I always get the two mixed up. What is the one that predicts rollercoasters??



Come on, “Monica” is not too damned exotic!


Now, if she ever gets powers, she won’t be Auntie Monica for the Nextwave movies.


Maybe it’s meant to be her sister of or something. I don’t know, it’s rather unusual for the MCU to make pointless little changes from the source material like that.


Sylvester Stallone’s birthday is July 6, 1946.

In astrology, Cancer is from June 21 to July 23.



Absolutely love the Skrulls.

Man, I hope we get a Secret Invasion movie once the current wave is done.


Good music reference.


Of course a SKRULL like you would!


Todd… those files you keep on all of us… the encryption is really state of the art right…? :confused:


Okay, I deserve to lose all of my fanboy points. Ugh. I can’t believe I missed this.


We’re all ashamed of you now, Hank. :wink:


That’s not a Skrull, that’s Molecule Man!


That’s what the Skrull wants you to think!