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I assume they all just dressed to blend into a crowd.


I thought it was the great love for French mimes.



I met Emma Dumont(Polaris) at the FanExpo Canada. We did not talk about what’s going on in S2 but I found out that she believes Polaris’ father is Ian McKellan but she would love to do a scene with Michael Fassbender. She also loves the Golden Girls and would love to have Polaris and Deadpool do Golden Girls Trivia



And lo, I did watch Infinity War the other day. And I’m going to admit, I went in with very low expectations, but I enjoyed it well enough. Like a lot of people said over in the movie’s specific thread, and elsewhere online, this is more a movie about Thanos that has a buch of superheroes in it than an Avengers-specific one, and given how it was inevitably going to end, that’s really the only way you could do it. It also serves to make Thanos a compelling villain/anti-hero/morally compromised protagonist - which he needed, having only been in like 8 seconds of footage before now, and the movie takes time to actually give him some depth and an honest to bob moral dilemma given what he needs to do to gain the Soul Stone.

It’s interesting as well to compare Thanos’ actions and the regret he winds up feeling with Doctor Strange’s actions in the big fight on Titan (which I assume isn’t the moon of Saturn here? Does anyone but me care?) - Presumably Strange has done all he can to steer the Avengers onto the one timeline they win on (or maybe there are millions of other futures where they otherwise win that he didn’t get to see because he was interrupted), but he did so knowing what was going to happen to him - it’s a very superhero thing to do.

There is bad though - the big fight in Wakanda was a bit meh, and it kinda struck me when the giant wheels of doom showed up. And it’s the same thing that happened in the Black Panther fight. They’re both basically remaking the big battle from Return of the King. Lots of guys line up, charge at each other , and eventually Elephants, Rhinos, or in this case a bunch of the Doom Rollers from the old Secret Wars toyline show up to mess everyone’s day. Can we do something else to indicate epic please?

But yeah, overall a good movie. Has me more excited for whatever the next one will be called.


Wakanda always reminds me of Naboo. I can’t see anything else. Stop giving me the final battle from the Phantom Menace (but in Black Panther’s case, probably with worse CGI).


A little something for @Jim:



To me it did kind of feel like the midway battle sequence of a movie as opposed to the final one, though I really loved how they dealt with Scarlet Witch joining the battle as well as Thanos’ entrance and how that all went. I think the final battle sequence in an Avengers movie really has to hinge on the teamwork aspect which is why the Titan sequence works so well. This was just a bunch of individuals standing in wakanda barely working together as a team while they fight off a rabid zombie trope. I’m forgiving of it because of the ending of the film in general.


That’s because it is - there’s still half the movie to go. :slight_smile:


To be fair, it is the midway battle sequence of a two film story. :wink:




@DaveWallace and @RonnieM you both fell into my trap of explaining exactly what I meant. Bwahahahhaga


Can you trap the willing? :wink:


Is this not a question for the relationship threat?



Bautista should make a Grappler Baki movie. He would be right for at least 75% if its casting.