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It was actually quite balanced, The Care Bear Cousins took it in turns to act as a sort of executive, but their decisions had to be ratified at a weekly meeting. And while it gave them a lot of democratic power, it meant that they couldn’t respond quickly to external issues.


I hear the Emoji Movie is a loose adaptation of Das Kapital.


Nah the Emoji movie is clearly an adaptation of Brave New World, they just changed the ending because it was a kids movie.


Really? I thought that was the basis for the LEGO Movie.


The movie specifically states that Eric is a secret child with an American mother. Eric’s father probably tattooed him, but no one knew except Forrest Whitaker ( I can’t remember his toon’s name). It’s pretty blatantly shown in the movie that Killmonger’s existence as a Wakandan caught everyone by surprise.

Forrest knew, but he seemed to have taken the edict to never speak of the dead prince again to heart and never did so.


I thought Black Panther was very enjoyable, but it seemed a bit superficial and by the numbers. Though that seems to be a “problem” Marvel has - if you can call it a problem, they’ve been very succesful with it.

For me the one time they tried to do something more profound was Winter Soldier, which is my second favorite. (Favorite is Ragranok)




Yeah, but that was really deep and stuff because it was the last thing everyone expected.


This really makes me want to see whatever Dave Bautista stars in next. The guy has his filter set to zero.

Just tell the truth. It’s the easiest thing to remember.


Yeah this is a guy who doesn’t give a shit what Disney or anyone else thinks. Dude dresses his dogs to match him.



It’s kind of amazing to me that Disney has screwed this up so hard. First the blew it by firing Gunn in the first place, but it also doesn’t seem like they’re even interested in the slightest bit of damage control.


It warms my heart to see the tide turning on Disney. Their money isn’t everything. It helps that all the other production companies are paying out big cash too of course.

It does seem that there’s now a slight suggestion that there could be no more Guardians movies. The rest of the cast seem to be pretty Disney loyal (Zaldana is locked into them for years, nuPratt feels like a corporate suck up and Cooper & Diesel are both happy just to have jobs), but if Bautista holds firm it’ll change up the cast enough to make any future movies very different.

Disney really need to hire a popular director who can build a bridge with Bautista, but I wonder if big name directors don’t want to work with Disney. I’d probably take the Ragranok guy and put him on Guardians. I think that’d be the smartest move.


This has been rumoured for a while.


Disney don’t have to do anything. More statements, getting into arguments with Bautista or anyone just stokes the fire.

The lesson they’ve learned is to STFU and let it go away by itself.

That doesn’t work for every situation, but the rolling news is already rolling past this.

‘Guardians 3’? Maybe they’ll make it or not, maybe it’ll be good or not, maybe it’ll be a hit or not. Disney will continue whatever happens.


Heard this on the way to work today and thought it would be a great vintage happysad fit for the opening of GOTG3


If only this whole thing would even make a dent… I wish… but no, Disney’s already too big, and just got bigger with the Fox merger… it’s gonna take a lot more than a fired director and a disgruntled wrestler… =/


All would turn out well if GOTG3 just kept Drax in the background of every shot, slowly eating potato chips while being invisible.


ugh that Drax thing has turned into a meme, I know… but I REALLY hated that whole bit… :smile:


Maybe he dresses to match his dogs, ever think of that?