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Wakanda isn’t a secret, it’s on the TV news, it’s just that it’s true nature is a secret.


Yeah, if you got in there, and avoided the border patrols, and just kept walking or driving you’d eventually find the high-tech cities. Killmonger walked straight up to the border patrol and dropped Klaw in a plastic bag right in front of them.


Ah yeah… ah well… then yeah I don’t see the point… he could’ve strolled in, even without Klaw… u_u


Bringing Klaw’s body proved he would kill for Wakanda, kill their enemies.

And he’s a bad guy who likes killing his enemies.

Good luck with that.


And got him brought right to the King, rather than thrown in a hole where he can yell about being the King’s cousin

Biiiiiiig if


I would assume they have actual records… and the tattoo in his lip probably proves who he is…

Actually, the whole plot of the movie is super contrived… they could’ve done a much better job of it.


I’m not saying the world is wrong for loving Black Panther, and it’s clearly a success story both commercially and critically, I can only speak to the aspect of the film I didn’t like. And it’s not limited to Black Panther either - spectacle in place of characterisation isn’t exactly a new thing in blockbusters. It’s just starting to rankle.

It’s part of why The Star Wars sequels are somewhat refreshing while still being disappointing overall - they actually have a character in them.


I actually think it’s a pretty bad* movie, as far SH movies go… but it seems to not be a popular thing to say.

*bad as in by comparaison, it’s obviously very well made, acted, etc… but has waaaay too many flaws for the love it’s getting.


I came out of seeing it and feeling it was okay. Visually fantastic with some nice moments but it wasn’t something I felt I needed to see again.


They sure do have a character. They have this guy, bringin’ the funk!



I liked Black Panther, but didn’t love it. I think all the characters surrounding T’Challa were more interesting than he was and the movie felt long to me. Also, the CGI, especially in the ending fight scene between the Panthers was shockingly poor quality.

That said, I get why it resonated with so many people and I’m glad it was a mega-success.


The motives of everyone, as presented, work fine for me, but I agree that some them are very loosely sketched in. No-one acted contrary to their explained behaviour though. There were no right turns instead of left. T’s were crossed and i’s were dotted.

So I think your issue is an over-abundance of characterisation, without enough detail to make it work for you?

At least in that area anyway.

For myself (and my immediate reaction, along with many other people, is in the Black Panther thread) I thought it worked. I agree with some of the criticisms of sketchiness, but it didn’t bother me as much.

What was there was enough for me.


Everyone is introduced, given their archetype, and then they fill that role in the movie, but nothing they do is because it fits their character, but rather that it fits the story. Any character growth or change isn’t earned, it’s just there with no connective tissue.

From a character perspective, the movie is a synopsis.


I enjoyed the ride while I watched it, but I can see how the plot falls apart a bit when you start picking at it.

Didn’t stop me enjoying it while I watched it, though. It’s a slick, fun superhero movie with a likeable cast and some decent action scenes.


And a strong political message,

The film made bank because it grabbed an idea and went with it; no copping out, no avoiding the issues, it just went for it.

It’s a film of it’s time, about it’s time.

And it managed to be fun and often exciting too.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is much more of a repeat viewing movie, but it has sod all to contribute to anything of any significance, and that’s a big reason why it’s an easy, repeat viewing movie.


Ragnarok is pretty politcal as well, it’s got an overt message about colonial powers and revisionist history in there.


Compared to ‘Black Panther’ it’s about as political as a Care Bears movie.


Viva la revolucion, cried Sunshine Bear


The first Care Bears movie has a very strong Anarcho-Syndicalist message, oddly.


Pro or con?