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Before the iconic theme song we know today, the creative team behind X-Men: The Animated Series kicked around the idea of a narrated intro. Here’s showrunner Eric Lewald’s proposed script read by the always excellent Olly Thorn!


Maybe season 1 will finally arrive on my streaming services when 2 comes out; I’d like to take a look.


Yap, yap, YAP! Who wrote that? Moore?

Gimme that tune any time!


So I decided to get caught up on Marvel movies and stuck on Black Panther this evening. And… it was OK?

Like, the setting was cool, and the characters looked interesting, but like so many modern Hollywood movies, there’s too much going on in here, and everything suffers as a result. For example, I don’t think Okoye has a scene between her telling Nakia that she’s loyal to the throne, no matter who sits on it, and her backing T’Challa when he returns. There’s not even a scene of her looking worried as Killmonger makes his decrees. And it’s the same the whole way through. Very few of the character moments are earned, they just happen because that’s the point where they happen in a story like this. It really should have been two or three movies with a bit more space to breathe.


Which goes to the Black Panther animated series. I think “wanting more”, in this case, is a good thing. Also agree the several plots were interesting enough to decompress the build a bit. What i thought was good about the box office is so many people having fun seeing it.

A few too many set pieces for me and artificial sky. That took me out a couple of times (as did the layering. Great. Now I see blurry layering. Bah.)



Dat bass line!

Told my friend Skeeve that I got a new TV. First thing he asks, “How does it sound?” This came on. Done rumbled the cabinet.



T’Challa had not yielded, nor had he died. Therefore Killmonger was no longer king. The challenge had to be finished to be legit.


That explains why she didn’t instantly follow Killmonger’s orders, not why she joined T’Challa’s side.


T’Challa is still king. That’s why she joined his side. It’s right there.

Edit: Ultimately, I’m not that invested in the argument. I enjoyed BP, but I only saw it at the theater once. As opposed to Atomic Blonde which I saw five times and I know it has flaws. Atomic Blond resonated with me and I just enjoyed BP.



Except that she said the challenge is still open, and she’s loyal to the throne. But like, the problem is less that she sided with T’Challa and more that we get no reason for it. Everything that happens in the film happens because the story demands it, rather than because the characters want it. Or we don’t know that the characters want it because all they do is advance the plot mechanically, we’re never given any motivation for anyone.


I was confused as to why Kilmonger was dicking around with Andy Serkis on those international heists. Ultimately all he wants to do is go to Wakanda and fight T’Challa for the throne. He already knows where it is and how to get into it. How does knocking over a London art gallery help?


I’m a little bit sore of them killing off Klaw, he was one of the most fun things in a marvel movie ever


What is it with your Andy Serkis obsession?


Look, I’m not obsessed. I’m not.

It’s perfectly logical to worship The Serkis and base one’s life around his teachings.


Lorcan is actully played by Andy Serkis in mocap.


Well… it doesn’t. But you could say that he hates colonialism enough that the way he gets to Klaw is to temp him with a joint theft of a Vibranium artifact from a museum that he will get to trash in the process (bonus), not to mention kill a few people who are working there, (also bonus, as he hates them too).

But since he’s a totally lethal, special forces trained, sociopathic mass murderer he could’ve just tracked and killed Klaw in a back alley in Joburg and hauled his body out of there to the Wakandan border.

That’s less cinematic though.


Not necessarily, depending on how that was filmed. Could also have kept the running time firmly under two hours as well!


But it wouldn’t have established the anti-colonial theme as thoroughly, which is the real reason it’s there, to give Erik a speech about the subject while surrounded by the physical evidence of colonialism. It’s a show and tell scene.

There are other scenes they could write to do that, but then you’re back to the running time again.