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Well it’d be hard to make it worse… :smile:


Does it still star Finn Jones? It’ll probably still be shit then.



They should incorporate that idea for Blade’s daughter getting an ongoing that never got off the ground.
That’d be a fun movie.


Snipes would never agree to it.


I’ll give it to them. The fight scenes look much better than what I saw of last season.



How Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, and more Marvel superhero stars teamed up to make a teen with terminal cancer smile



OMG I hope it’s Shatterstar :heart_eyes:



If the X-franchise is starting from scratch as part of the MCU, there are absolutely no limits on what Fox can do with their remaining films. I think it’s time for a Mystique musical!!


The lead character in The Greatest Showman was named Logan, right?








Oh, I haven’t forgotten Mutant X. Especially Victoria Pratt’s Shalimar, she does camp tough woman very well. I loved her in Cleopatra 2525.


Yeah Mutant X was definitely one of the better weekend syndicated shows of its time.

(I just finished reading Bruce Campbell’s second autobiography and I didn’t realize Cleopatra 2525 started out as an adaptation of a Lovecraft story.)