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I’m not even clicking on it. It’s egregious to say these “surfaced”. They’ve been available publicly for years. I’ve seen them around for ages. A lot of the headline and clickbait tries to shape the story as some sort of “gotcha” moment, ridiculous.


Yeah, I refused to click on it when I saw it too as I’ve little doubt they aren’t anything new or worth my time. I can’t believe this story is even still going.




And more fan art from Reddit:


Meh… why would Carol give a shit about Stark? :smile:


Runaways will be a binge-watch for S2:


He owes her money!


Can she, really?




Hells no! If they’re gonna use a non-Parker SM, either go with Miles, or go with Miguel… I don’t even know who the hell is Silk… :smile:


If you were serious:


I’d take Spider-Gwen before Silk.
Or just give Mary Jane the costume.


eh… honestly… none of those… I mean, Jessica Drew has more caché than any of those, if need be.

Also, I really think it’s time for Miguel O’Hara to get his due! =P


I don’t think they’ll ever make a Spider-Man 2099 movie. Though it could be cool, with lots of changes.

Who knows though, maybe we’ll get a great Silk movie and cinema will be all the better for it.


Yeah probably not, 'cause Sony is stupid…

I mean, a futuristic SM movie, that kind of harkens to GotG and Ragnarok BUT with Spider-man in it?? Nah, let’s go with a Kraven the Hunter movie… u_u

That’s Sony, in a nutshell… :smile:


That writer has to know Far From Home is filming already.


Sony don’t need more Spider-people specifically, they just need compelling stories about whoever they chose to build a film around. That could be Silk, or Kraven or anyone they can find a good hook for.

‘Silk’ would probably be a good TV series, but there’s nothing different enough about her as she exists in the comics to make her stand out and carry a $200m movie.


I wonder if they would be interested in my Spider-@Jim slashfic.