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They could use some of the more major characters and make a Jackpot film.


I had hoped that when I clicked on that link, I was going to get Rickrolled.

In a way I did, but not in the good way.


Who the hell is Jackpot? I was expecting she would at least be some alternate super powered version of Mary Jane, but apparently not.

And yeah, it’s true that the right people could take most comic characters and make a good movie. I just don’t think Sony are the right people.


Rumour and counter rumour;




I actually saw that story when Rob Leifeld, the guy who is positive and enthusiastic about everything, posted this on Twitter:



I’ve always really liked Black Cat. I think she’s one of Spidey’s best supporting characters. I was pretty sad when the Amazing Spider-Man movies were stopped before Felicity Jones got to play the character properly. So honestly, I’m all in for a Black Cat movie. The other characters being rumoured and developed for films though, not so much. And a line of “producer driven” movies doesn’t sound too promising to me. Though I guess it’s good if the resulting product is a little less bland.


Black Cat is a fun character and probably the only character Sony is throwing around that might pique my interest. But I still think they’d be best served introducing these characters in a Spider-Man movie first.


Oh sure. I definitely doubt the purpose of movies featuring Spider-Man characters if Spider-Man won’t appear in them. Black Cat has always been best while interacting with Spider-Man.

It’s funny but I remember Bendis saying in an interview or something that every movie could be improved by putting Spider-Man in it, giving an example of Gone Girl (a statement that on paper I could probably agree with), and now we’re at the point where we can say that Spidey spinoff movies would be better with Spider-Man in them.


Gone Girl already had Batman which is a million times better. :wink:


Naked Batman, even.


I’m puzzled by Sony… they have some characters that could make for good movies but they’re all over the place. Venom is a good start, even if there’s no Spider-man involved… but then, they go and make it PG… u_u

Morbius could also be a good move… but they’ll probably do some weird decisions with it. I dunno… They need a Feige-like person with an actual plan. I don’t believe you need to connect everything to Spider-man, but you do need to know what the fuck you’re doing =/


A rare quality in Hollywood.


I didn’t know they were going for a PG-13 until you mentioned it - I thought there was a lot of talk about it being R during production.

But then I googled it and saw this from yesterday.

It makes sense to be honest.


Sony’s lesson on Spider-man has mostly been; let Marvel handle it and we get more money.

Dropping any particular character into the next Spider-man movie means telling Marvel what to do.

Which (as Sony owns the licence to Spider-man) they can do, but if they’re smart enough to know not to do that, then that’s smart enough for right now.

Any decent character can become a good movie that turns a profit if they’re budgeted correctly and handled well.

And yeah; I think Sony is all mixed up about what they want from ‘Venom’ tonally, but everyone wants a billion dollar hit, and that’s more likely as a PG than an R.

A lot of people will be annoyed of course, but not enough to make it a bad choice for the studio.



Well, sure it makes sense, but it’s kind of a shame… because hey, let’s be honest, their plans have been shit for years, so “planning for a possible crossover with SM” is not a good reason to do anything, at least where Sony is concerned.


Isn’t there also a Black Widow movie finally happening? So we get two superhero movies with female leads with unsavoury backstories in black leather body suits?