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‘X-Men’ has made a lot of cash for Fox.

The amount has fluctuated, but it’s a solidly commercial series that has been worth the time and money that Fox has invested in it.

So while we all know thst Disney can afford to take their time and consider how to integrate the most cinematic characters into their world, but I don’t see them turning away the money trucks that are potentially out there for an MCU X-men movie and its sequels.

It’s a matter of when, not if.

Hmmmm… spoilers… :wink:


Okay first of all… heretic!!! they’re concussive blasts… and I really hope they get it right in the rebooted movies =P

Also… Yeah, there’s 2 obvious ways, tie the mutant-gene trigger to the un-snap that’s gonna happen in A4, or just soft-retcon them by just explaining there have been mutants all along, but just a few of them, and they’ve kept mostly hidden and to themselves… until now that is… and go from there. I mean, Xavier and Cerebra are more than enough, as a plot device, to explain why no one “knows” about mutants so far…


I think that would be the simplest and easiest way to go. Maybe mutants are considered urban legends.


I’m actually surprised they didn’t use IW’s setting to show random powered people trying to help against the invasion… could’ve been a good set up… They could still do it in A4 I guess… but probably not as it was rather contained to NY and Wakanda it seems… =/


Damn! I clicked on both !




The Bautista Bomb still works?


Fan art, but…


…good fan art.


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Sony’s Marvel title Silver & Black isn’t moving forward, but will be split up into two separate movies. The original movie was to revolve around Silver Sable, the boss of a war criminal bounty org, and burglar Black Cat. The first title will likely be Black Cat.


Sure. Audiences love movies by committee rather than an inspired story. It worked so well for Justice League and Suicide Squad. Okay, maybe it’;; be “popular”.


The solo Silver Sable book back in the 90’s was what I saw as the death knell for that boom. I hope a film doesn’t mean the same thing for the comic film boom.


Jeez, Sony has no clue what they’re doing at all. While I don’t like Disney owning everything, someone needs to get those Spider-Man properties away from Sony ASAP.


You’re assuming the movie actually gets made.



Nobody is talking about it

Could have fooled me.


Sony executives must be desperate to piggy back on the Disney success. They’re right that any of the characters could become hits, but I think they’d be better to go with stronger characters from the Spideyverse.