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You aren’t wrong, but at the same time the X-Men and their origins (i.e. the X-gene and human evolution) are so ingrained in pop culture by now that I’m not sure it needs much of an explanation. If they want to try to explain away why this “X-gene” suddenly activated then sure they can do that. They’ll have plenty of options they could go with. Want to tie it to the undoing of Thanos’ finger snap? Sure, why not. You want to involve the Eternals or the High Evolutionary or whatever? You could probably make that work too. But it’s not something I think Marvel/Disney should overthink. The world started getting crazy at some point and humanity started to evolve, slowly. Then in 2008 it went into overdrive as more and more super-powered threats started appearing so that by 2020 or so a lot more kids hitting adolescence started “mutating” to combat the growing super-powered threats. Is it wonky and silly? Sure, but that’s superhero fiction in a nutshell. The MCU is no different.


I have said this before but not having the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a blessing in disguise. The two worlds don’t quite fit together and I don’t think the comics have ever fully gotten their groove back after blending them together so thoroughly in the 2000s.


I’d watch that movie. It’d be Burn After Reading but with a Belgian.


I agree. I don’t think it needs any explanation other than that there’s suddenly been an explosion of mutants. The catalyst for that doesn’t really matter. Who cares?



I believe Stan’s original idea (the children of the atom thing) is that it just happened generally due to radiation of the atomic age because he couldn’t be arsed with convoluted accidents any more. That then shifted to the evolutionary concept.

So I don’t think it matters that much either but you could put in some kind of pseudo science answer and remain true to the very early origins.


Sure, but I don’t think you need to. I can’t even remember how (or whether) they did in the initial X-Men movie.


‘Misfits’ had a thunderstorm that gave powers.

I think I’d try something new and go with a bout of food poisoning. Maybe some dodgy fried chicken from an international chain to spread it around globally.


Isn’t that basically Skrull Kill Krew, only with fried chicken instead of burgers?


AoS had the Inhumans explode in numbers due to fish oil pills…

Marvel can come up with any such nonsense they want, but the why doesn’t seem too important. After 20+ movies I think audiences can accept that the MCU is an increasingly strange place filled with tons of powered people. The X-Men can fit in that groove just fine.


I honestly can’t remember, if so it proves I have the writing skills of Millar and Morrison and never realised.


The Ant-Man and Wasp “leaks from the quantum realm” theory probably suits the best, but if they do roll out X-Men I assume it will be slow and very different from what we’ve seen. I’m not sure if they can make the race allegory play out in a unique new way unless it is a slow build and there is a lot of baggage there already, cinematically.

I think the best idea would be that mutants, psychicly, have hidden their existence and a famous star like Dazzler (Miley Cyrus Disney type star) hits puberty and is all of a sudden thrust into this hidden world. In general I’d like them to keep it separate but have the same depth and production style as MCU films. The longer they keep it separated, the bigger the event movie, too, I suppose, cause it ain’t like that’s not gonna happen.


I agree with this, and the disconnect will only amplify under the microscope of cinema.

The MCU people are clearly really smart though, and understand how the redefine the characters in a more elegant manner than the Ultimate Universe (even though they’ve taken huge amounts of inspiration from the UU). I expect to see some new takes on most of the mutants and soon they’ll become the default templates (like we’ve seen with the Guardians).


One allegory that could work, though you’d have to be really careful with it, is the response to the early days of the AIDS crisis.The idea that it’s one thing for some people to get “it” (powers) through their own recklessness, but another thing when it could seemingly come from anywhere and happen to anyone.


I like to think of mutants like with giant eagle’s wings, and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I’m in the front row and I’m hammered drunk!


Belgian waffles?


Doing employee evaluations again?

“Sir, you wrote ‘FIERY FREE BIRD!!!’ on my performance review. What does that mean?”


It’s almost as though I chose waffles for that reason.