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I have, on occasion, threatened to flense someone.

No one who required such a threat understood the word.



“Have you lost two pigs?” :confused: (My Spanish is a bit rusty.)


Aaand another MCU X-Men fan theory:


I have a theory that the X-Men went into space in 2008 to stop a Shi’ar invasion, and were placed into suspended animation by Galactus, alongside the Fantastic Four. The end-credits scene at the end of Captain Marvel will have her come across a derelict ship, which she will board to find nine frozen pods. She rubs the frost off one of them and we see…

How do I go about getting this theory on a clickbait site so I can make lots of money? :confused:


Send it to Techno Buffalo. Unfortunately they will make all the clickbait money and thank you for your ‘citizen journalism’ (i.e. working for them for free).


You need a clickbait title to go with it like True Secret to the X-Men’s “Return” to the MCU. :wink:


Or instead of tying it to the Infinity Stones they could just, I don’t know, start showing up because they are the next stage in human evolution. Not sure why there needs to be a convoluted backstory that ties it into Infinity War. Other than that site wants clickbait.


I think you need to go with Betteridge’s Law:

Does this explain how the X-Men and FF will enter the MCU?


Shhh. How are they supposed to keep us in suspense with that???

One of the things so annoying about all of this is that with the plethora of fan theories thrown out one of them generally has to get close. Then, that person claims to have known it all along.

It’s one of the things I loved about The Last Jedi. It try to answer all the questions that The Force Awakens asked. It threw them away and told a story. I wish more films would do that.


There’s a middle ground I think between doing the obvious and going so far off-piste that the set-ups aren’t paid off.

No-one wants a Poirot movie where he gathers all the suspects in a room and says “I don’t know who the murderer is, but let’s all go out for waffles!”


I do think the X Men are a bit of a problem. The MCU has worked hard to have a pseudo science background. Thor is an alien, Hulk, Tony and Cap are all scientific heroes. Widow and Hawkeye are just people. They’ve been a bit hand wavy with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, but they did link them to the Tesseract. Even Dr Strange has some sort of grounded magic/science background.

You can’t have the next stage of evolution be laser eyes or claws for hands. You’d have being able to east all the Taco bell you want or knowing where all the best Youtube videos are. So I’d expect they’ll go sorta Inhumans and have some macguffin awaken abilities in teens and young people. The mental powers are easier to explain within the bounds of science, but the most outlandish stuff they’ll had wave away with some fake science I think.

X Men powers always were completely random and weird. The human evolution talk never made a lick of sense.


Agreed. I’ve just grown tired of knowing at the end of one film in a franchise what questions the next film will answer which will largely determine the plot of that film.


All that would be is a set-up for a devastating Poirot denouement!


Any excuse to roll this one out.


You are probably right and we probably don’t want to start a TFA thing again which was a very marmite film.

On the wider point though I think the 27,000 “is Rey Luke’s daughter/Yoda’s clone/Jango Fett’s uncle thrust through time and gender reassignment?” stories was a huge part in enjoying it being none of them. :smile:


Rey is Peter Parker’s Aunt May’s clone.



I could see a sort of middle ground. The exposure to all of these different energies, from the stones to dimensional portals opening, to various superpowers being utilized to a greater degree has caused this leap in evolution (much like “radiation” was the cause for the evolution of mutants in the 60s). Even the time frame would generally work, as you have a small-ish number of older mutants, and then a coming explosion as a generation of pre-teens begin to reach puberty at around the point the MCU hits the 15 year mark.



On a more direct note, I think Mark rightly surmised that technology and specifically genetic science in the early 2000’s was the radiation of the 1960’s. He built the Ultimates around that idea which the MCU took a lot of cues from.

Folding the X-Men into that never quite worked for the Ultimate Universe. Though I think the films could use a piece of that making Wolverine key. He’s the proto-mutant and experimented on because of his abilities in some follow on version of the Super Soldier Program.