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I’ve known people who have worked for the Mouse (I assume you do too). What they generally present is a pair of golden handcuffs. The pay is quite good and the work is generally high profile but they have a lot of requirements to the point where they almost own you.


Totally true, their lawyers love lawyering.


I’m sure Bautista will be fine. Even if it costs him some work, that doesn’t seem to be his concern here. Also, I’m sure Gunn will find plenty of work in the future, so Bautista will probably have work with him, worst case scenario. Gunn likes working with his friends. And really, was GotG with that cast likely to go beyond volume 3 anyway? I guess I don’t know what their contracts are. Disney might have locked them in to 9 movies or something crazy. But whatever, Disney fucked this up all on their own with their knee jerk reaction.


He won’t get any more Disney work - I don’t think any of the actors will. Disney are making a set range of franchises now - Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Avatar, live action Disney movies. There’s such a limited range of movies offered by the studio, and I don’t think they want their actors in multiple brands (I can’t think of many examples where it’s happened). The actor is just one character, I reckon they want to keep it that way.

There might be a problem not getting TV deals but I don’t think most of the cast are considering TV. Honestly the streamers will be offering so much money and making so much content that actors won’t be hurting for roles for years to come.

Once a third director comes in the Guardians crew will learn to love the new guy and will probably want to support him. Honestly they should all probably move on now - this isn’t helping any more. The divorce is final.


WWE are coming into more money than they know what to do with, plus their other part time acts from the past are running out, so I’m sure Big Dave can get a few big pay days from them at least if he winds up running out of cash.


Zoe Saldana is in the Avatar franchise. She may be the only one to get a pass.


In the meantime, they’re probably gonna kill Drax off, because replacing Batista will be difficult, if not impossible.


And Star Trek.


Star Trek isn’t Disney though… yet.


He’s a great actor, I don’t think he’ll be out of work any time soon. He’s 49 though, so his physical nature is about to hit a wall. He’ll need to transition to just being an actor first, physical threat second. He needs a good role that’s not about him being big and strong.


Time to remake Mr Nanny?


The one they’re happy about is probably who you’d expect it to be.


Uh, Darcy is awesome! That list writer needs to be flensed.



Is “flense” the new hip word that’s down with the kids, or are you dating a whaler?


It can be two things!


Yeah I’m more referring to the fact that he’s still ranting on Twitter after all that Twitter debacle… I’m like… really???

Also, listen, I’m no defender of the Mouse, but calling your employer “nauseating” and on frickin’ twitter no less, isn’t gonna do wonders for your career… I mean, shit I’d think twice before hiring someone who’s gonna bad-mouth my company at the drop of a hat.


And didn’t this whole shitstorm start because of tweets?


I completely get your point, but I wouldn’t call this “the drop of a hat”. Disney fired the guy who gave Bautista the biggest break of his career…at the drop of a hat that dropped 10 years ago and has since been picked up. I’ve no doubt he’s very aware of Disney’s power. I just don’t think he cares all that much. Which is fine. He’ll deal with whatever consequences might come from it, but I’m sure plenty of people would still be happy to work with him. This situation is very public and it’s easy to understand the context and where all sides are coming from.


Still going apparently.