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Yes they should but they probably won’t… I reckon there are promised pay-outs attached to them…


Yes, it’s only going to result in confusion when the MCU versions appear.


You called it:


You really think movie audience aren’t used to reboots by now? There were 3 Spider-Man franchises (not just different actors in the role) between 2007 and 2017, for example. It’s nothing new. People would figure it out.


Or more likely, they won’t care.


What happens if the movies are popular and successful? Do Disney somehow have to integrate the Fox work into the MCU rather than just starting over like they want? So they need the headache of continuity?

On the other side what happens if they’re awful and bomb? Do Disney need to lay a turd with the new franchise they just overpaid for?

Either outcome the only advantage for Disney is maybe a half billion in returns from both movies. That’s some decent money, but I can see Disney wanting to shelve both these movies.


How much say doesn’t Disney have at this point? The merger isn’t supposed to close until sometime in the first half of next year. With Dark Phoenix due out mid February, it seems unlikely that Disney can legally do much about that one, right?


I’m sure some “strong suggestions” could be made. What may happen is that the dates get pushed back till after the merger concludes. At that point, Disney/Marvel can come in and see if they can be salvaged and decide why to do then.

Really, Fox could leave them on the shelf and when Disney launches their streaming service, the movies could be dumped there as an “exclusive”.


I don’t think the Venom movie looks terrible (aside from that last scene in the trailer), it looks kind of like a Vertigo mini that was written by Ellis or Ennis and promptly forgotten, but I’m still not sure why it exists.

I’m probably alone in this but I think I’d like to see Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams in a different movie.


I only know from social media traffic that some people seem to have considerable difficulty parsing who owned what in the past.

It seems like it would be common knowledge, but I keep seeing people conflating old Fox stuff with the MCU. Maybe they were just overly excited fan folks?


With the acquisition, Disney now owns 60% of Hulu. I wonder if there’s going to be a Disney streaming service at this point. ,



I just want to add to this conversation that most of the people talking to me about Venom know it’s a comic book movie and know the connection with Spider-Man through previous film versions or cartoons and are as pensive as us comic book readers.


‘Venom’ is basically the ‘Frasier’ of superhero/supervillain movies.

Or ‘Joey’.


If it’s Frasier then it will be incredible, if it’s Joey then not so much.


So that means Carnage is Niles?


The face is a prime example of why you should change some things from page to screen. I thought the trailer looked ok as a generic action/horror film, right up until the mid point where you first see Venom full-face… and it looks like a bad cartoon villain. It really does not work at all.


All I can say about the title of this article is, “Wow.”


Heh. Power play, that one. Not having my own kids (who would never do such a thing, the little imaginary angels!) I draw on the decades with other people’s kids. Give me that reaction, you get The Eyebrow.

That’s right. Dead silence, full attention and one raised eyebrow. Until the child notices and becomes silent themselves. Then, maybe, a slow head tilt. Are you sure? Are you absolutely positive you wish to continue this style of behavior? Better be sure!


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