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I’m also in it for Michelle Williams as Anne.
I binged Dawson’s Creek a week or two ago, out of boredom, and she was absolutely wonderful in it.
And then I realized she was in Manchester By The Sea.

So, yeah, her as Anne is my primary reason for seeing this.


Given that Hardwick is coming back to AMC after they conducted an investigation, I imagine Disney could do something similar. State that after an internal review of the blah blah blah they found no evidence of anything beyond unfortunate jokes for which Gunn has apologized blah blah blah and given the outpouring of support from both fans and colleagues they’ve decided the decision to fire him was premature blah blah blah. At that point they’ve done their due diligence and can refer to that in the face of whatever conservative storm blows up.


For it to be a Spider-Man movie? Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being haunted and terrorized by Tom Hardy’s Venom could have been a cool movie. Venom by himself? Meh.


No. :slight_smile:

Seriously, comics fans need to understand that 99% of people don’t know, or care about the Spider-man connection, even after seeing ‘Spider-man 3’. This is geek talk and most people just want to get their money’s worth on Friday/Saturday night.

‘Venom’ is a cool character. Sony may screw this up, or they may not, but separating this from direct Spider-man connections won’t be the problem for most people.


Yeah, Venom works without Spider-Man.
He’s not necessary.


I want full-on horror film. A modern day Jekyll and Hyde with a tortured Eddie Brock trying to find a cure, but maybe not really wanting to. Effectively it’d be the Hulk as a horror movie rather than a superhero film. And if it can’t use Spider-Man, give the character an antagonist/Van Helsing-type for the audience to side with.


Then you want a film that costs about 20% of what this one will (by the time they finish it).

Sony want $1bn at the box office. They want edgy superhero/villian.


Should have went with Carnage first then.
Just for contrast.

Evil exec is pretty weak for what Venom is doing, eating people and such.


Probably. My ideal Batman film would probably be a guy in a somewhat homemade looking suit, solving mysteries and maybe fighting Man-Bat or Killer Croc, would cost under 100 million, and might make 300-400 million world wide.


Oh, just to be clear when you asked “What do people want for a Venom movie?” I was answering specifically what I, as a people, want from it. Yeah, sure most movie goers don’t care. But they also have no reason to care about Venom in general. Attaching him to a Spider-Man movie makes selling the character easier. Can you do Venom without Spider-Man? Sure. But I guess I don’t have faith in Sony to do that.


I think Marvel are (so far) the best at making their characters become movie characters. Fox have made some wonderful X-Men stuff, but that’s gone off the boil (for me).

Sony don’t have a plan, they have a set of characters and they have Marvel (and Fox) and Spider-man showing them that they should be a licence to print money but… they don’t really know why or how?

I’m guessing a lot of people can relate to this; I work with some smart people but they don’t all understand each other’s jobs. They need each other, but what “the other guy” does, even right in front of them, doesn’t compute in their brains.

My belief is that Sony know how to make Sony movies, but that Spider-man was never that. It was luck that they got the right people, to make ‘Spider-man’ the huge success that it was.

And they, collectively, don’t get what they got it right, or why, or how?

‘Venom’ may work, but my bet would still be 50/50 right now.


This argument gets trotted out quite a lot - but I think increasingly general audiences are actually aware of this stuff to some degree, and comics fans need to stop thinking they’re the only ones who know anything about it. :slight_smile:

This isn’t the bad old days of isolated geekdom - times have changed and a lot of people have a certain level of awareness of these characters, even if they don’t know them inside-out like the geeks do.

There are guys in my office who have never read a Marvel comic in their life, but they talk regularly about these characters and what movies are coming up. They will know about the Spider-Man connection and the fact that Venom is a Spidey spinoff of sorts.

Not that I think any of that will be the main stumbling block for the movie - I think it has bigger problems than that, from the looks of the trailer. But I agree that those problems aren’t necessarily insurmountable.


I don’t think a shitstorm would last long for one simple reason: Kids love Disney product and I don’t think parents are going to want to deal with children who are denied their Disney. It’s crack for kids.

Parent: “No, you can’t have that toy or watch that show.”



Children pull the fucking face once every hour. You learn to ignore it.


I don’t think most people care. Burton’s Batman? Nolan’s? Snyder’s?

Most people couldn’t tell you who Burton, Nolan and Snyder are.

I am not, by any measure, an expert on comics. Everyone here would be a far better pick for the pub quiz team on ‘Comic Book Night’, but even I have to bite my tongue around my co-workers at whatever office I’m in.

It’s not just because (even) I know more than them, it’s because I’d bore them silly if I tried to explain it to them.

This isn’t their world, and they don’t really want it to be. They just want to enjoy the movies.


Carnage is rumored to be the big villain of the film, played by Woody Harrelson. Not sure if that’s true though as the trailer clearly showed him fighting Riz Ahmed in a symbiote suit which would seem like the kind of thing that would be the final fight.


I’ve heard that rumor, along with it being a mid credits scene, the very last few seconds, etc.
Honestly, don’t think it’s happening. Although that would be neat casting.


I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed that he’s in it, just no one actually knows what character he’s playing.


There’s truth to that. For example, how many Spider-Man cartoons have there been since the early 90s? The answer is apparently 6 different ones since 1994. So if you were a kid in the last 25 years there’s a good chance you watched a Spider-Man cartoon growing up.