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How many of them will predominately feature people in suits arguing in board rooms?


They should all be two-hour movies.


A real new trailer


It looks like utter guff.


In other news, Infinity War is out on digital today.

I’m about to find out what my upper limit is with regard to watching the same movie multiple times in a 24 hour period.


Throw in Jensen from the Losers. I’d love to see more karoake Journey songs. maybe a trio

I couldn’t get the video to play.



Man, the tone of that Venom trailer is all over the place. It can’t seem to decide if it’s a thriller, a horror film, or a superhero movie (and isn’t blending them successfully of it’s going for all three). The joke at the end was an awful beat to end on.


I think the effects are alright and that take would maybe work as a villain in a Spider-Man movie, but a film exclusively about that version of Venom doesn’t look like a movie I want to see.


Looks ridiculous.
I’m in.

At a matinee.


There’s no extended edition or such like out, is there?



A little annoying that there is already a petition against this when you Google search the story.


Signatories include Hugh Mann, NotaNazi1488, and RussianGuy


If Disney does rehire him, I look forward to the ultra conservative troll whining on the internet. And probably on Fox News too. And then probably a Tweet from Trump about Rosanne being fired but Gunn being rehired and something something outrage something something witch hunt something something SAD!


I dunno… Venom without the Spider logo kinda looks like any of the generic venom clones in the 90’s… =/

They should’ve come up with a design, even if it’s no a spider… but something… Also, some spiders are venomous… there was no need to forego the spider design… u_u

The face is spot-on though, and the effects seem to be okay, so I’m hopeful…


Disney put themselves into this when they fired Gunn. It’ll be a moral outrage minefield for the entertainment industry as conservative pundits will feast on this if he’s brought back. There’s be people refusing to visit Disneyland, people not buying toys. The last thing anyone should want to do is put themselves in the political arena (that is if they want to make as much money as they can). Disney are clearly a company that currently serves all sides of the political compass, but the sharp knives are coming for them from every other media company, so I’d expect attacks to be relentless. Boycotts galore.

I’d like to see Gunn return, but then I worry that he’d be dogged by this issue for years to come. Honestly his best move is probably to just move on. Disney’s best move too. Gunn should come out and end this for his own sake as well as Disneys.

Disney shit the bed here, there’s no washing the sheets.


Disney could choose to quietly use his script and keep the door open for future gigs and in return Gunn could say “I appreciate the support but it’s time to move on”. Basically just reiterate his previous statement but while making sure he praises Disney a bit for being a great working environment and for allowing him to realize a dream with the first two movies and so on. It’s probably the best bet for everyone to save face.


Yup, that’s the path. Disney have so much media that Gunn won’t be short of projects (in truth he’s going to have everyone chasing him given his success with Guardians). It’s better for Gunn if he tells his fans thanks, but let me move on. But he’s not doing that, and as much as the cast are great to support him, they need to let him move on too.

Unless Disney want to weather the conservative shit storm. Which they might, I don’t know how much it’d impact them in the long term. If they frame bringing him back in just the right way the outrage machine would have a tough time getting indignant.


Disney are ok whatever they choose to do. This is an internet storm, its effect on ticket sales will be negligible, if that.

I hope Gunn gets rehired, but that would be a bold move. Let’s see if they are willing to be that bold? I don’t think, for one second, that they have to be. They operate on a different level.

And ‘Venom’… I agree with the majority; the film doesn’t know what it is yet. The word on the street is that it could go in any direction now, and that these trailers are part of the process. What do people want for a Venom movie?

Of course many comic book fans don’t want a Venom movie at all, but moving on from that, what do the general public want?

It’s clear that whoever is running the trailer process wants a monster as anti-hero, Something that kills, but is persuaded to concentrate on the bad, corrupt and wicked people. Venom itself is psychopathic but this version of Eddie has a conscience and wants to do good.

Squaring that circle is what will, or won’t, make this into a film a big audience can get behind.

I wish them luck.