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This’ll be interesting, they make a good argument in the defence and it’s unanimous (I think) from all the leads (I see Pratt, Zaldana, Diesel, Cooper, Gillan, Klementieff, Bautista, Rooker). I can’t right now recall a public appeal of the same nature.

As I said at the time I think Disney shouldn’t have overlooked it but found a better solution than the current trend of just sacking. Let him work for child abuse charities and give them money from his fees and then he ends up doing far more good than the harm his crappy tweets did a decade ago that barely anyone read as he was making B movies.

Ever the pragmatist, to me it doesn’t have to be just ignore the offence or eject entirely. And yes I think rehabilitation is a key part of a liberal ethos. Not every criminal is sent to prison, many do community service and pay back. The court of public appeal does lack the guidelines real courts have (albeit they are flawed at times).


Pfft. I was a Guardians fan before you were born.


That just makes you old, not the biggest fan.


Yeah, not sure I’ve ever seen a full cast rally quite like that. No matter what happens, it must be very heartening for Gunn to see that kind of support. By being so quick to pull the trigger on firing Gunn, Disney has really put themselves in a needlessly difficult situation. Because while they may see Gunn as expendable, the cast is a different story. Granted, maybe they don’t care since they can move on to other franchises…

Still I think most parties involved, other than Disney, have handled this situation well.


Adding the open letter:


Good for them.

They have, at least, presented Disney a way to walk back the decision and still save face.


Indeed, I mean, now that they have Sean Gunn they can do anything.


Maybe Jim has put on some weight and is physically bigger than you?


That’s a great letter. Really well written and presented.

Disney would be wise to reverse course right now. It’d be a huge PR boost.

You’re just a fan of the shit Guardians.


I like that they signed it “The Guardians of the Galaxy”


They should have put ‘the gardeners of the galaxy.’


Demanding the reinstatement of the Gardenias of the Galaxy, of course.


Bad Jobs:

Gastroenterologist of the Galactus.


Makes sense to move it up for a simultaneous worldwide release.


The Force is with us. This was just now posted.



Good, just make them as long as the story demands. Streaming should remove the need for this to be an issue, they don’t have sweeps and the like. For me so far every one of the Marvel/Netflix shows would have benefited from losing 3 episodes to be tighter.


None should be more than 5 episodes.