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I could be wrong but I am still doubtful about the level of Disney involvement in these decision. It still remains illegal for them to direct the path for Fox properties at all until a merger is signed. Which is why Feige is saying he has no plans at all (even if in his head he has). Fox could internally decide to hold off development though with the merger in mind.

This is all a big deal for comics fans but in the context of the deal worth tens of billions it’s absolutely small potatoes. If the ‘source’ is correct then Comcast could go running to the authorities with an anti-trust claim that could screw it all up.


Do we wanna imagine what a Disney Deadpool movie could look like?


I imagine that it’s PG-13 and most of the movie is absurdly censored with Deadpool complaining about the censorship.


“Directed by James Gunn”


Disney doesn’t have to be involved for Fox to hold off on things. Anytime there’s a pending merger companies slow down knowing new management will be coming in soon. Fox aren’t going to approve major spends that could be reversed the moment Disney walk in. Everyone within Fox is holding out a little hope that they’ll keep their jobs - approving a movie Disney doesn’t want to be associated with is a sure fire way to be fired.

If these movies had garnered huge positive vibes things might be different, but if they’re both turds Fox might be wise to not make them welcome gifts to their new masters.


Yes, regardless of the exact date Disney takes control, the very fact there is a pending merger will have a huge impact on the way Fox conducts its business. And this merger deal has been going on for some time now.


Yeah I know. :wink:

My issue is with the stories apparently declaring Feige and further higher ups at Disney are calling all these moves. That would be very silly if they did.

We’ve already passed the nonsense stories that the FF or X-Men would appear in post credit scenes for Infinity War. It’s fan excitement not rooted in the reality of business.


Cloak and Dagger Episode 9 - Season 2 hints and let’s get meta.


It seems like it’s a done deal.



Apparently not a fan of the comics

And that’s where I stopped reading. Boone is a huge fan.
That doesn’t mean a good movie, of course, but nah. Disbelief in the article.


Yeah, the article sounds like bs. It even links to an article about “Disastrous screenings”, which links to another article on their site that says this:

Which doesn’t sound in anyway disastrous. The movie may very well be terrible, but this site just seems to be flapping its gums for clicks.


Hopefully the rest of the internet doesn’t get wind of this tactic or it might catch on.


Nah that’ll never happen.



I’d watch it twice


Throw in his character from Not Another Teen Movie to expand the Evansverse.