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Nothing can top 90’s-Clops.
You know, in a movie set in the 90’s.


Well those costumes at the end of AoA were not really “top notch” at all… u_u

I’d be more excited for the Quitely-like costumes if we already had at some point some classic outfits, but hey, better than nothing I suppose…

Anyways, the inevitable reboot can’t come soon enough… Feige, don’t let me down =(


This will affect the box office… not even slightly.


It’s not a mistake at all. I would also pick Quitely designs over Jim Lee ones.
New X-Men is still probably the pinnacle for the last twenty years of X-comics. Hopefully they took more than just their costumes.
That article is pure clickbait though. They don’t even show the new costumes.



I miss the Apocalypse finale scene ones even more now


As much as I love Quitely’s art I loathed those motorcycle jacket costumes


I loved Quitely’s X-Men costumes. They made them like professionals doing a job rather than superheroes.


Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad


I wouldn’t be surprised if the fans boycott X-Men Dark Phoenix to accelerate Marvel Studios Take-over.


If every fan boycotted an X-men movie revenues would drop a couple of percent at best.


Just like with Fant4stic, that only makes the brand more toxic and decreases the chance of another movie ever being made.



If each fan didn’t go to see it once, sure.

But if each fan didn’t go to see it hundreds of times, they could really hit Fox where it hurts.




“Jim Starlin found out that they’re actually going to put it into a special edition Avengers: Infinity War… they weren’t going to be seen as deleted scenes, they’re actually going to be re-integrated into the film,” says Schnepp.

That’s… a pretty big deal. If what Starlin says rings true, we’re getting nearly an extra 25% of Avengers: Infinity War filling out Thanos’ backstory and pretty much turning him into an even more compelling, tragic villain than the one we’ve already seen. Yep, even with the whole Infinity War ending making us want to bawl our eyes out, there’s still a lot more to the Mad Titan’s motivations that we didn’t catch a glimpse of. You can’t see, but I’m throwing money at my screen as we speak.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that there has been no official confirmation from Marvel. But Jim Starlin is unlikely to be pulling this from his you-know-what. I hope.

Thirty minutes is a huge amount, let’s see if this actually happens?


It would be unprecedented for an MCU film, wouldn’t it? The only extended version I can think of is the cut of Iron Man Three that had extra scenes put in for the Chinese release.


Which were better left out. Even the Chinese audience said that.