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I’ve seen the first one three times by now, I think, making it the Marvel movie I’ve rewatched most often (behind Avengers, I think). Kind of by accident, as it was more of a first time on the plane / second time with girlfriend / third time with kid kind of thing, but I always enjoyed it.

And yeah, I’m pretty stoked for the second one. It’ll be good to have another Marvel flick, it’s been a while. And also good that it will be action comedy.


I think it’s the one that absolutely nails what all the Avengers movies try to do, which is to have a big superhero adventure with goofy characters you can also take seriously. A lot of the others, there are characters who work in that context and there are some who are just along for the ride, who lean too heavily in one direction. With Ant-Man you can see exactly where every element works together and helps propel the whole of it along.


So, I just saw Black Panther. (Well, save for the after credits bit, it’s paused at the start of the credits)

Where its stellar reputation ended up doing Thor: Ragnarok quite a bit of damage when I finally saw it on BR, this film had no such difficulty living up to the plaudits. It is a very, very assured piece of work that only made one mis-step on the final stretch.

The pre-credits sequence with T’Chaka was smart, as was the alphabet intros for locations.

As to the story? It’s always the “best friend” who you should kill first and so it proves with a traitorous piece o’ shit called W’Kabi - and yes, Okaye should have absolutely ripped him a new one, especially when he finally gave in. Oh, you’re sorry now? Without him, none of the crap would have happened. Fuck that guy. Similarly, the end bit when T’Challa is going weepy over Killmonger - man the hell up. He doesn’t give a shit about your traditions, he’ll kill you, your family, your pets, your entire nation - fuck that guy too.

But the rest of the movie was so awesome. From her very first scene Okaye was a brilliant character - the moves she gets to pull both in the casino fight and outside in the car chase were excellent. From start to finish its two hours of near-perfectly crafted entertainment, with a cast that work perfectly, in every role.

Bringing back Ross and Klau worked very well, as did finishing off Klau’s story in fitting fashion.

If you’d told Marvel that film about a futuristic African superpower with a majority black cast would take $1.3bn at the box office in the era of Trump and Brexit, there’d have been a level of scepticism. Sure Marvel are ambitious but they, nor anyone else, saw that coming. Along the way its set new standards for what can done in representational terms and shown there’s no zero-sum between doing that and making one hell of an entertaining movie.

All right, it’s time - bring on Avengers: Infinity War… What do you mean there’s no release date for the BR?


3rd September I think, with a digital release just ahead of that on 20th August.


Oh nice, thanks.



I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic here or not.


Without spoilers, can anyone say how much the last few episodes of Agents of SHIELD s5 reference Infinity War? The episode that just aired in the UK this past weekend made an oblique reference to “stuff happening in New York”. Is there anything more overt than that? Presumably no-one gets dusted?


It’s pretty much all background noise, the alien invasion SHIELD fights in the last batch of episode happens concurrently with Thanos attacking Earth, and he’s mentioned as a threat these aliens will help humanity fight, once Earth is subsumed into their commonwealth.

Also no


Cheers Lorcan.



“Actor wants work!”


Don’t they all, really?


It’d be great if one of these stories, just one, was something like Michael C Hall says he’d never play D-Man, never in a million years, not even if they paid him a billion dollars.


An actor would have to be a comic fan of principle…not very likely. :wink:


Thanos never considered that all he had to do was make half the population sterile rather than dead.


Inducing sterility would give a lopsided advantage to species with advanced cloning technology.


That’d be okay, though. They could just clone loads of carrots and then everyone would have enough to eat.


Strangely, I’m not. Infinity War was… Infinity War, very heavy-weight. The only “normal” Marvel movie we got this year was “Black Panther”, and I’m looking forward to seeing another one soon.

I’d say that it speaks to how well what they’re doing works that I’ll happily watch another Marvel movie this year when I have seen neither Solo nor Justice League.


Something very nihilistic about being so busy killing off your heroes. Both are spending too much time tearing their heroes apart, which would be a bit more tolerable had there been some time to show them being heroes. I think we the peeple deserve a dose of that.