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I am. I’m looking forward to it very much. I’ve been a Wasp fan since I read her OHOTMU entry and I really like Hannah John-Kamen.


Not really. Still haven’t seen the first one.

The film out now that I most want to see is the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor. :wink:


Please remain on topic in the Marvel thread, it’s very disappointing when people go off in a (pea soup) fog of diversion from the subject matter.


How about that Man Of Steel, eh?


Not steel, iron.




A friend of mine saw Infinity War for the first time this weekend and the only thing he said about it was “why didn’t Thanos just make twice as many resources?”

While the answer is clearly that he’s a dick this is why the Death subplot is important.


Fred Rogers would own Thanos and anyone else in the Marvel Universe in a fight. :wink:



I’ve been saying for a while that Marvel need to get on a Power Pack movie. I think they’ve put too many good concepts in the TV realm, and there’s a need for fresh movie content to keep things interesting. They can’t just have non stop sequels. FF and X Men will help this, but Power Pack feels like a no brainer movie franchise.


Fred Rogers doesn’t fight.


He’d beat them with love and a happy song.


He doesn’t have to.



Reviews are out for Ant-Man and the Wasp. General consensus is that it’s better than the first one and that Michael Peña is great:

I look forward to seeing it in five weeks. :cry:


Well, Thanos also did not want to go into resource management. He wanted to retire, not become a God.



Thanos is also a sociopath.


Good stuff, I enjoyed the first one, it was not great but good all round entertainment and Pena is just great.


Yes. I think the key here is that Thanos is a homicidal maniac. The point is that he’s completely wrong. He’s not a good dude. Even his adopted daughters that he apparently loved were subject to constant torture and mutilation. He’s the villain of the piece. That’s why he did villainous things with his power. He’s a bad dude.