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Yes and to get extra context on the pea reference, the height of the problem was in the 1950s (a lot of people actually died it was that bad), when Britain was under rationing and focused on local food.

So your soup was fucking pea soup and be happy with it, you can wait a few decades until Waitrose have an avacado, coriander, soft shell crab and haricot bean combination.


They had real peas in London? Eee they were lucky, we had to make do with rolled-up bits of green mold in t’north!


Of course they never grew them in London, outside of Arthur Fowler’s allotment. Once again the city slickers lived off the backs and subsidy of the yokels in the provinces.


Yeah, I’d never heard about that until the episode of The Crown on it:


What a reference to get into a Marvel thread!!


By this point I’d forgotten what this thread was about.

Hey! Anyone excited by Ant-Man and The Wasp? (desperate covering of off-topic shenanigans).


Somewhat on-topic:

Slightly more promising than his last statement on this, that that were no plans for any LGBTQ characters in the next ten years, at least.


He should know the internet better than that.


The wife and I are. It looks like a fun movie. Christel was saying last night she is excited to go see it.




Almost as excited as by a nice thick pea soup.


I’m quite excited to argue about its box office.


Anything short of $2 billion = failure.


I’m pretty stoked for it. Looks like fun. I hope they capitalize on the set piece potential of the size-change stuff. The first one was a nice rainy day matinee, I don’t see any reason the second one won’t be.

Also, I expect it will make more money than Justice League.


I think it will suffer a bit because of the delayed release date in Europe. I think that was a stupid move.



Count me in as excited for Ant-Man and Wasp. Will gladly watch the first one again to warm up for it.


Aside from Young Avengers (which, yes, I’d love to see) it was interesting that he mentioned Power Pack as something they’ve been trying to figure out (though an 80s/Amblin/Spielberg tone seems like a no-brainer).


I literally keep forgetting it’s coming out this year, so…


My mom told me today that the Marvel movies are her favorite movies going and that Guardians of the Galaxy is her favorite movie of all time.

Would have like to have gone back and told my 12-year-old self this.