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He promised me clicks!!!

Seriously though, I guess I thought it could be considered a spoiler by someone? Who the hell knows these days?


It would be quite a feat to get to the opening night of a film without finding out what it’s called. :smile:


Buying the ticket would be the hard part.


It could be considered an Infinity War 2 spoiler I guess.


It makes sense since Feige said the sequel would take place in part outside the US.


I didn’t get that far, couldn’t check to see what time it was on.


Or if it was on.


Evangeline Lilly says ‘Wasp’ costume took months to perfect but made her ‘feel damn sexy’


Cor blimey, gov’nor, you don’t think they’re adapting this blighter???



Actually the filming reports have suggested there might be a London segment.


Or this one:


I don’t think that story exists. Because it shows Peter married to MJ, which as we all know never happened :wink:

Fake news :stuck_out_tongue:


I had no idea London had so much green fog. I didn’t see any of it when I was there.



The ‘London Fog’ is an amusing element of confusion. London has no more fog than anywhere else, it happens but fairly rarely.

What it was was smog or massive air pollution from chimneys and factories which peaked in the 1950s and despite the air quality still not being the best hasn’t been seen for 60 years or so. One of the nicknames given to it was a ‘pea souper’ which referred to the thickness of the smog like soup but then developed this bizarre green element from people that had never been there due to the colour of peas.

It’s amazing how many writers seem to think London is regularly covered in ‘natural’ green fog. :smile:


Is it true you can get a tan from standing in the English rain?

I heard that somewhere…


It never rains in southern California.




They used to call it “pea soup” for a reason!

Actually I have no idea why they used to call it pea soup. But it does imply that it should be green :confused:


Ok, now I understand :smiley: