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There have been some set photos that show the modern versions of the heroes on the set of the 2012 Avengers New York battle, with the modern Avengers wearing high-tech watch gimmicks that look like Ant-Man tech. Plus, Ant-Man is there and was obviously never around in Avengers 1.


Are you sure? Maybe he was just too small for you to see.


The MCU timeline is so screwy now that anything’s possible.


They are lying about the date discrepancy in Homecoming. They have said multiple times they would release an official timeline and haven’t. Doctor Strange has a gaping time whole. It seems like a very feasable thing.


Take with the proverbial grain of salt:


It’s best not to try to put precise dates on these kinds of things. It’s like trying to figure out the stardates in Star Trek. Just accept them and move on.


Is that character really worth keeping secret?


Tim Heidecker is in the movie and he plays “Whale Boat Captain Daniel Goobler”?

Finally Marvel makes a casting decision we can get excited about.


Gooobler. Three os, according to the list.



Sure. They’re probably not going to keep the part of her backstory where she and Peter are super-horny for each other due to biological programming or something.


And, sure, won’t be any product tie-ins AT ALL!

Disclaimer: They’re local yokels, and ain’t as bad as some others!


Brazzers already beat them to it.



Watching S2 of Luke Cage, and I am surprised at the amount of “classic” Luke Cage villains they include in one way or the other… I mean

Even a covert reference to Mr. Fish?


Watched Black Panther for the first time last night. It was alright, I guess. But 18 hours later and I’ve pretty much forgotten everything about it. Great soundtrack though.




Heh. I’m kind of hoping Tom Holland really didn’t realise he was giving away the title (but it was probably a planned PR move). Either way: good title, and I am expecting it to be literal at the start of the movie and metaphorical for the main part of it.


JR is the click bait king Christian, but there’s no reason for you to post and not reveal that the title is ‘Spiderman: Far From Home”.

Or are you on a percentage? :wink: