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You’re right, and this has been a wake-up call.

Ragnarok also made Loki entertaining.


Ragnarok is an odd movie… I should hate it 'cause of the jarring switch to Bro-Thor & buddies, but on the other hand, at this point I’m caring less and less about these movies, so I appreciate more any attempt to amuse me :smile:


:musical_note: Bring on the backlash :musical_note:






Needs to work on the arms.


They really should have had him in the Edinburgh scenes in Infinity War just to work in the “I’m Hawkeye”, “Och, aye” dialogue.


Too soon.


The sooner the better, regain that strength and tone for the cameras.




Actually, would it not be Dinklage’s third role?



I’m really hoping they stick to the Klaatu Barada Nikto “Farewell to the Master” inspiration of the original Captain Mar-Vell for the film.


Aside from those movies, Disney is also releasing live action version of Dumbo (by Tim Burton), Aladdin (Guy Richie, and the Lion King (Favreau). At least one of those is likely to be a huge success (The Lion King). They also will be releasing Artemis Fowl, which will be something of a wild card. Could be big or it could be another Wrinkle In Time. Still, 2019 is shaping up to be another big one for the House of the Mouse. Not that 2018 is even close to over. Just released the Incredibles, which is going to be a smash, Ant-Man & Wasp should do reliably solid Marvel numbers (if not slightly better due to the Avengers bump it might get), Christopher Robin looks quite cute and charming, Wreck-It Ralph 2 will probably do fine, and I’m not entirely sure what to expect from The Nutcracker or Mary Poppins, but they’ll be there.



She said you liked it!!!

I think both the funny and the aestetics of that movie is one of those things that either work for you or don’t. I love both, but if you’re not into Waitit’s sense of humour, it’ll fall flat for you, that’s just how it is.


Yeah, I don’t blame anyone for liking the humor. There is something Monty Python about it, particularly characters like Korg—you can practically imagine John Cleese walking into a scene at any moment. Given how rare that kind of humor is lately, there is something refreshing and even nostalgic about it.

However, it is not on that level, for me. I think early on, with stuff like Thor spinning around on the rope, it establishes that they’re going to present you with expectations and then subvert them. I guess once that is established, I adjust my expectations and they’re no longer easily subverted? Still, there are plenty of amusing bits, particularly with Goldblum.

My other major issue is there is kind of flatness to it. They’re telling this epic yarn yet you don’t feel the emotional peaks and valleys. They’re traveling to different planets yet they all feel the same. It just coasts along pleasantly in one gear.

However, Marvel has released a few movies where I don’t understand why people like it (Civil War, Ant-Man), and that’s not the case here. I get why people love this one.


Ah, that’s a neat way of looking at it. I just took it to be the first instance of the standard MCU-style jokes that I hoped weren’t coming.