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Reaching 2 billion is amazing. Also Marvel has 4 movies in the all time top 10 box office hits.


Before the millennium the whole original Star Wars trilogy was in the top ten. Things change.


Between the Avengers sequel, SW Episode 9, Toy Story 4, and Frozen 2, 2019 is going to be insane at the box office.


For Disney.

It makes me feel sorry for other movies.


I didn’t even make the connection that those are Disney’s four major segments (Marvel, SW, Pixar, and their own animation studio).


Yep. And it’s even crazier to think that if we’re placing bets, we’d mostly vote for the Marvel movie coming out on top over all of them.


You have Captain Marvel in 2019 too, which I’m sure will play itself as essential viewing on the back of Infinity War. Disney had 3 of the top 5 in 2015 & 2017. They had 4 in 2016. They could got 5 for 5 next year.



Yeah, thanks Hawkeye!


Credit :open_mouth: :grin: Thank you Monk, I feel like I’ve just left Marvel and helped set up Image.

*throws non prize into the air like a dove


Big news everyone. I’m rewatching Ragnarok and realizing I don’t like this movie.

It’s not funny and it looks weird, just like your mom.

Cool music and excellent use of Goldblum, though.


I agree.
Well, I find it a little funny - but that’s all it has over the other two Thor movies. Being a bit funny.


Yes, that’s the Goldblum part.

(I actually really like the sheer amount of Kirby/Simonson in it too)


The only thing I note are Hela’s headdress and the almost obscured kirby krackle.


Eh I don’t know, there were people literally dressed like this:



Look at this scene. That’s straight off a Kirby comic.


Ahhh @MarkOdom @RobertB I wasn’t counting the deeper level of superficiality.


Click on the pic. The full image is pretty nice.


I’ve seen the movie.

I mean, including the circuits on the walls and on some outfits is neat. But it’s all background stuff.
It doesn’t really evoke anything.


How did the boards taste level drop so sharply? Has there been a gas leak?