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The alt-right launched a kind of online counter-offensive against it, with particular focus and attention on the diverse cast. They made a big show of driving down fan reviews of rotten tomatoes, imdb, metacritic, etc. They harassed the young asian-american actress from the film to the point where she removed all of her instagram posts… bullshit like that. They latched onto the divided fan-response to the movie and ratcheted it up to eleven, and injected their racist, sexist nonsense into it at every opportunity. It was gross.

They kinda tried to do it with Black Panther, too, but that was substantially less successful. Not sure why, but I suspect it was because BP was pretty universally credited with being pretty good, so the neckbeard fuckboys had less cover to hide behind while they slung their crap.


If we’re bringing things up, I was called racist and a cultural appropriator the other day for bringing up Miles being mixed-race and half-hispanic.


I feel like that story might need a bit more context…


It’s no small secret that I think that Marvel’s handling of “big push” latino heroes has been lacking, and in other cases quite harmful and offensive, so it’s a chip on my shoulder. I was recently reminded that the 616 Miles was a villain who was quite clearly hispanic while everyone and their mother forgets/neglects Miles’ cultural background.

So, there was a clickbait article that began with “FINALLY, Miles Morales Gets Black Creators”, and I felt the “finally” was disingenuous and stated that Latino Creators would have been equally nice to see. Then I got called racist and told that “latinos are always trying to claim black heroes”.


The new Spidey movie looks great. The animation feels new and vibrant, a sign of the times. I’m not sure the alt right will pounce on this, they don’t just go after any time a minority of some type has a role. They’re more selective in their fury, typically when it feels like something akin to affirmative action. Miles has never really garnered much pushback (unlike Jane Foster) so I’m hoping this movie skates by with little to no controversy.


I think you have full rights to plant yourself like a tree on that one!


That sounds pretty stupid. I’d bet those neckbeard mouth breathers are super brave in person.


Just because someone doesn’t shave their neck or breathe through their nose doesn’t mean they are racist.


That A4 pic looks fan-made.

And that Miles animated movie looks REALLY good… Well the animation part… not sure how the older Peter-teacher will work… but eh, visually: great!

Edit: Oh also, I don’t think anyone will explode against this since there’s CLEARLY a Peter Spider-man, and Miles is obviously a legacy Spider-man… So that’s cool… (don’t know about the Gwen thing though, people might bitch about that), plus they clrealy state it’s a “different” universe, so I think fans will be cool with it.


If it’s fan-made, then someone, somewhere should hire that fan. That’s some solid work.


Well, yeah sure, but it’s not exceptional either… I mean, damn you only need to browse Deviant Art to see how many incredibly talented people exist =P


Looks fun. But I’m not sure about the animation style. It’s ok during the action scenes. But when its just people talking, it looks very jerky. Almost like stop motion.


My god. That looks like so much Spider-Fun! I really excited about that now!!


Off the bat I’m assuming it’s Ben Reilly and not the standard Peter Parker, but I’m going to check IMDB here.

Edit: It says Peter Parker but I’m guessing by the way he’s acting it’s not 616’s. I’m interested at how a Spider-Verse story will play out in 90 minute movie.


Narration clearly says it’s an alternative Earth. Also says it may be hard to understand. Animation: do-whatever-you-want-Earth. Lotsa Spider-folk.

Expensive live action? ONE Spidey at a time, thanky kindly.


The movie is called Into The Spider-Verse, so I’m guessing it’s going to be lots of different Spider-People from lots of different universes, like the comics event.

Which allows them to tell whatever story they want without worrying too much about consistency with previous versions, and also opens up some fun possibilities.


Though it’s possible doing Miles’s origin at the same time might overstuff things a bit.


Eh, it’s a kid who gets bitten by a radioactive/genetically-modified/magic spider. People know how Spider-Man works. :slight_smile:


They’re including the stuff with his uncle too though, so there’s going to have to be some time spent on it.

I wonder if they’ll keep with the whole thing of Peter being dead in Miles’s universe though, or if Johnson’s Peter in the trailer is from his world.