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Read the comments.
Fuck me, that site was the worst.


Tom Hardy for Captain Britain.

No! Patrick Stewart for Captain Britain.

Wait, same thing.:wink:


I mean, if they just introduce the Captain Britain Corps then they can cast all these people as Captain Britain.



While I appreciate the joke, Patrick Stewart for Merlyn


Reboot the bloody X-Men. Dan Stevens for Prof X.


It would be interesting to see a BBC Marvel series. There certainly are plenty of UK characters to put into it.


Didn’t Whedon try to do that with the Buffyverse? I remember him trying to do a Guiles series that would have only aired in the UK.


Rumor mill was that Peter in D2 was originally Wisdom before rewrites.
Let 'em do it.


The Watcher with Anthony Head


Yeah, it was going to be called Ripper, was described as “Cracker with ghosts” and was going to be made with the BBC. Unfortunately Whedon got caught up with Dollhouse and the thing never got off the ground.


Everyone thought RDJ was great casting and an inspired choice from the start, yeah. That doesn’t make him obvious casting like Sam Jackson as Nick Fury or Patrick Stewart as Professor X, though.

It’s easy to forget now that RDJ was in such a different place around the time they named him as Iron Man, and certainly not the kind of actor a studio would typically pin a big franchise on.

You can even see it in that link Robert posted - one of the first things they say is “congratulations to Paramount and Marvel for having the nerve to pin their franchise on Downey”. That’s not something you say about an obvious choice.


Yes, exactly.


A4 Avengers squad. Not sure if this is official, but I hope that it is.


Cap had better not lose his Big Boss look from Infinity War.


I think that look is gone, bro.

I think this movie might take place a few years after A3. That’s a lot of time to maintain the same beard.


fixed it for you


Sad times.

I get that, but we’re talking about the guy who had the same haircut for seventy years.


Pretty sure he’s had a different haircut in every movie.


When the conjecture comes down to Captain America’s haircut it might be time to take a step back and re-evaluate what we’re doing here.