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Well that would be because Heimdall is dead.


Dan Stevens for Captain Britain


Keira Knightley for Captain Britain


Moira Stewart for Captain Britain


I would imagine Charlie Hunnan would be the most likely candidate. His King Arthur movie was just terrible (in a brilliant way) but he certainly fit that kind of ‘British folklore hero’ role.


John Cena for Captain Britain.


Hunnam seems too obvious. It’s like casting Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange.


Or Sam Jackson as Nick Fury. Or RDJ as Tony Stark. Marvel aren’t afraid of obvious casting.


I can get behind this.


John Cena is built more like Captain England.


In fairness, that one is only obvious in retrospect.


As soon as Downey was announced, I thought everybody went “of course”. I’m glad it wasn’t Tom Cruise.


I’m not sure if Dave is joking but that is my memory of it too.

The two casting announcements that fans hated and were most wrong about, in my recollection, were Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger.


My memory is that I was glad they cast a real actor, and I said so, but I had no idea he was going to be so good in the role, or so central to how Marvel developed their movies from then on.

But Downey was still on the comeback trail at that point, which I think is why his casting is only obvious in retrospect. He was the right person at the right time. a few years either side and he probably wouldn’t have been on Marvel’s radar.


I didn’t know who Robert Downey Jr. was and thought that the suit looked cool.


Casting Downey at the time, an ex-addict with a string of convictions on the recovery trail, was risky, it paid off.

(Much like casting a middle-aged, balding Shakespearan actor as captain of the Enterprise paid off for Trek way back when.)




Dan Stevens should basically just play every role ever created from now on.


I’ve said this before but Downey, as an actor, added all these little tiny movements and stuff to scenes, physically, that it’s easy to miss them, but when you catch them they are the most Tiny Stark things you can imagine now, he really made the character his own that way. My favourite one is the wee skip he goes into after the messiah missile test blows him forward.

He plays Sherlock Holmes as heavier and almost more flat footed even though Holmes is in more stunts. I love Chaplin, I think he learned a lot about that sort of stuff making that.


Here is the Aint It Cool article when the RDJ casting announcement was made. Moriarty is thrilled about it and most of the comments are people thrilled about it. This fits my memory but it’s possible everyone was reading different sites.