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This was pretty much known already, but more confirmation:

During a press tour for his appearance in the upcoming film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, actor Chris Pratt disclosed to MTV International that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will begin filming in January 2019.



I’m very wedded to the Alan Davis vision of Captain Britain, the guy is meant to be huge, taller and bigger than most Marvel characters.

I suppose though that does limit it to being strong men or wrestlers in the part but my brain can’t compute Pegg in the role however much I like him.


Greg Davies?


He’s got the height, would need a LOT of Chris Pratt style time in the gym. :smile:


I would watch defenders Dave
It is basically Daredevil season 2.5 merged with iron fist season 1.5
There are major Daredevil plot points that move things a long way from where they were at the end of S2.
Also I kind of liked defenders. It was fun, with some good chemistry between the cahtacters, and it is shorter than the standard Netflix seasons


So you want him to be a magnificent beast?


I’m with you on his size. He needs to be a big dude. Or at least willing to put forth the effort to get there.
Just can see Pegg or Bloom in the role.


Pegg’s almost 50. He’s not going to be cast as Captain Britain.

Also, I really don’t see Marvel making a Captain Britain movie. I’m not sure who it would appeal to that it would be worth doing.


I agree on Pegg (and with Will on Bloom) and I don’t think we’ll see the character in his own movie anyway.

But I do think there is a Captain Britain movie that could be made that would find a big audience; amping up the Britishness with as much Arthurian-lore and other stuff as possible. It’s just that Marvel just don’t need to make it. They have plenty of other projects on the slate.

Disney might look at it as a TV series though. The tax breaks make the UK a good location choice and shooting shows with regional appeal is a good thing for a global company to do.


I’d guess Disney will make a Captain Britain/Excalibur movie if the Fox deal falls through.

I’m very tired of these casting speculation articles where some rando actor say yes they’d like their own superhero franchise please.


Matt Smith as Captain Britain.

The MCU has already had Eccleston and Tennant, so they might as well keep the line moving. Feige can send him to tne gym and get him some protein powder.


The article used a quote where Pegg said he’d like to be in a Captain Britain movie and then tagged it with a headline implying that he said he’d like to be Captain Britain. The internet is ridiculous with this stuff.


Let’s not be silly. There are MANY Captain Britains.

There is only one Captain Spain! (Hey, Carlos!)


Next up on Newsarama: “Robert B says he’d be a better Captain Britain than Simon Pegg.”


Will as Captain Britain!


Jon Hamm for Captain Britain.


Idris Elba for < insert name of whatever pop culture character that is currently being discussed>.


Liam Hemsworth for Captain Britain. We need to use him somewhere in the MCU.


Hear me out on this one, but Idris Elba’s a good choice. He’s got a good build, he can do smart and impulsive - which is Cap in a nutshell. And we could have a hilarious comedy of errors where he teams up with Thor, everyone talks about how he and Heimdall look alike, but they never manage to meet.