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I meant MARVEL !!!
Godammit I am useless.

I don’t see any other examples of Marvel doing this globally. There may be some but I’m unaware of them and I’m pretty sure the Marvel brand doesn’t need a boost in aussie hence my bemusement.

Also I’m pretty sure you all understood me and are taking the piss.


Who wouldn’t want to play in Marvel Stadium? That sounds pretty cool to me.


I think “MillarWorld Mile High” has a nice ring to it.


It’s good but Miqque’s Pay Day Jazz Cabbage Stadium sounds better. Start saving up now.


We’re already up to $2.35.

Ain’t no stopping us now!


Just wanted to make sure it was known that I was liking for this comment. :wink:


When I saw Civil War I liked that the black heroes were well represented instead of being the first to fall and I especially liked the debut of the Black Panther. I finally saw Black Panther and it was…

Well, the futuristic like Wakanda as a black paradise was great and it was great to see black people and a black society portrayed as confident, royal, intelligent, and proud. That probably was what made the movie make so much.

The weaknesses however… I feel that the Klllmonger backstory and scenes were rushed in places and the truth is he was the villain (as they wouldn’t have a main white villain) he had a point: Wakanda prospered while other black countries stayed grossly underdeveloped. That fact made the Wakandans selfish and other names I cannot say…

It would have been better had Killmonger came in as more of a “peaceful” revolutionary and spread that message to the Wakandan people and we would have had a real political, internal struggle. That would have been a more cerebral movie instead of action though and MCU would have bitten off far more than it could chew.

All in all a good movie but for its content and potential could have been great and more thought provoking.


And Al slips in his signature line at the end! Well played.


He did pretty much become the Engineer from The Authority in Infinity War.


Not quite, he didn’t have nanite inside of his blood/body IIRC… it was a “finite” outside armour that he could mentally control though, so very close.


The daredevil season 3 crew jackets have apparently given away who the major villain of the season is going to be. It’s Bullseye.


Yeah, apparently Wilson Bethel is playing him. Link


Do I need to watch Defenders to carry on with Daredevil, or can I skip over it?


Hard to say. Jessica Jones S2 didn’t mention it at all, but Daredevil was more involved, plot-wise.

I’d skip it, it’s not worth the eight hours. You’ll catch up.


If your lucky they’re will be a Previously on…
Even the wiki on the Defenders is too much to put yourself through.


Defenders was not great, but the interactions between the leads I really liked. When they were all in the Chinese restaurant was a high point, and I liked Jessica and Murdock’s interplay. The two actors bounced off of each other nicely. But the show was, overall, a swing and a miss.


Hallway fight scene.
The hand dug a hole.
They found the bones of a Dragon.
The defenders stopped them

Your all caught up


Thanks but I was dumb enough to watch the stupid thing.