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It also has quite a retro style in terms of its pacing, sincerity, its general tone as an old-fashioned adventure movie. It wasn’t until a little while later that the MCU movies became quite so interchangeable in terms of tone and humour, so the early entries stand out a little more for that reason.


I agree, it really give us an old fashioned take that was sincere and mirrors Steve Rogers character. Watching back, you really understand who Steve is and why he is like that, his story in First Avenger through Avengers into Winter Soldier is pretty epic, but it’s that sincerity in the first movie that makes you believe in him as a character is so moral and sincere himself, compared to those around him.


Agree on 3, disagree on 2. He’s doing okay, but it’s nothing to write home about.

As for the movie overall… it did a lot of stuff really well - especially Cap’s development and the satirical bits when he’s being paraded around at first - but it’s also an action movie, and the action kind of sucks. Uninventive, boringingly paced, and nothing particularly visually interesting about it, either.

Motorbike stuntwork like it this was Knight Rider, then everything is pretty static and the culmination of this action scene is two dudes with flamethrowers standing around and, well, throwing some flames.

But since you hate the way the Russos stage action, you probably think that scene is great, so, you know. To each his own and all that :slight_smile:


One thing I will say for First Avenger’s action is that it was divised and strictured specifically for 3D at the height of that wee phase we all had to go through. The moment Caps shield flies at you doesn’t have anywhere near the same impact in 2D, like much of the action where stuff has to move quickly away from other stuff to highlight the effect.

Thor 1 is still the most magical 3D experiance I’ve ever had. It was genuinely beautifully and just pure eye sugar. Very much the opposite of Tron which gave me a migraine for a week.


I actually do agree that the action kind of sucks and really needed a Spielberg touch and/or one massive, unforgettable setpiece.

Overall I really do love the look and feel of it, however, which recalls those early films mentioned above plus modern retro styled films like The Rocketeer and Hellboy. Which is of course perfect for what they’re trying to do.


Probably why they got the director of the Rocketeer.


I think Stark will stick around in a Fury role, similar to the one he did in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Mackie might be able to pull off replacing Cap but I don’t think they’ve given him enough to do in the previous movies that shows Falcon should be the one. Don’t think they’ve done enough with WS either, but the story of his redemption makes sense that he would carry on the Cap role.

Personally I’d rather see Mackie as it should be played by an American.


This is the next “Captain America”
She is military, she can lead (at least in the comics), and she has a distinctive look just like Captain America. Also the actor who plays her is talented and can carry a film.


Marvel no doubt want her own that role and for her film to be a huge part of starting the next phase.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how she does in ‘Infinity War 2’ as well.

That reminds me of a joke.

A Scotman, an Australian, an Englishman, a Welshman and an Irishman all walk into the bar. The barman says, “What are first five cinematic James Bonds doing in here?”

Ok, so it’s not very funny… :upside_down_face:

For the record, I think Mackie is great and I hope he gets a huge star role, somewhere, soon.


I think that makes the most sense to me. Downey is a draw but he’ll be getting too old and in truth it’s a nice deal for both him and Marvel to make similar appearances, he’ll get a nice cheque for a few days work and they’ll get to keep his appeal to the audience.


I think you’d always have his shadow looming over every story - like where’s Tony and why can’t he join in? I’m also not sure Disney wants to keep paying RDJ astronomical amounts (His time on screen might go down but I’m sure he was paid alot for Homecoming - he’d still be used in the marketing).

They could just string him out a few more years, but I think they’ve sold so many Iron Man toys that they’ll want something new. Who knows though. I’m wondering just how solid their next 10 year plan is right now.



That’s actually a good point… :smile:

They should go with that.



Oh FFS!!


I didn’t want Disney to buy these properties, but Comcast? Yuck.


This totally explains recent service and even more the way they have been handling billing. I’m kinda happy; it’s lovely to have that sort of leverage when at the bottom of the pile!


this is disappointing for the standpoint of the comics. it seems that Marvel is keeping the xmen comics at arm’s length and not putting any star talent on those books. I was hoping this would change with the Fox-Disney deal.


I don’t know, I think they were but with the X-Men Gold/Blue thing and Astonishing it seemed they put them back into focus, at least from a marketing standpoint.

In terms of writing I’m just not sure they have any real star talent in that sense. They’ve really got Aaron (who has done the book before) as their number one, then probably Slott who has sold consistently well on Spider-Man (but he’s doing FF). After that the likes of Soule and Hopeless are about as star name as they get.


Disney could enrich their offer, and Murdoch didn’t list the company on Ebay to get all sorts of offers. I can’t imagine Disney missing out on this - it’s too important to their future I think. That said they can create alot of IP for $50 billion, and there’s no real reason why they couldn’t expand the MCU beyond stuff from the comics.