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(I honestly don’t see Marvel going that route, doing Replacement Cap or Replacement Iron Man, or Replacement Thor. I think general audiences would definitely draw the line there. They’d be even less patient about getting the originals back. Like, at the end of the movie.)


Imagine if they’d recast Flash Gordon, or Tarzan, or James Bond!


I’m not talking just straight recasts. But even that will be very, very difficult, especially Iron Man. It’ll be years before audiences accept a new one. It’d be George Lazenby all over again.


If they still have to have an Iron Man, a Cap and a Thor then I think ‘legacy’ characters makes more sense than recasting the lead characters at this point.

But the truth is I don’t think they need to do either, yet. They have a pipeline of lots and lots of potentially popular characters to fill the void that will be left by RDJ and Evans.


I kind of think you can do anything if you tell a good enough story. The idea that a movie like IW would work was almost inconceivable a day before it opened, never mind ten years ago. It doesnt work for everyone, but what film does? It works for enough people to take it close to 2 Billion in under a month.

I’m pretty sure now MCU can get away with pretty much anything, even making Bucky or Falcon the new Cap, and that’s because they’ll tell that story in an entertaining and self aware way, if they chose to do it.


I think it did provide that shorthand for some of the characters and situations, but not for all of them. The movie could have used some more setting things up and a few quiet moments. (This is also something my kid complained about: That the Avengers are bound to think Stark is dead, and there wasn’t a moment showing Cap and the others reacting to that. I thought it interesting that a twelve-year old expressed the need to have those kinds of moments.)


I think they’ll come to the point of having to recast or use legacy characters sooner or later - it’s pretty much unavoidable in the long run; Spider-Man and other characters are too valuable not to keep using - and it’ll be interesting how they deal with that when the time comes.

I expect they’re already developing a strategy for that kind fo thing, but I doubt it’s causing Feige too many grey hairs in between his money baths.


I’ve always loved those bits in movies where it’s the calm before the storm and the heroes are reflecting on stuff like this. I think that because it’s part framed as Thanos’ story we miss out on that, not to mention the speed at which things happen. I do expect there will be a fair bit of that in the next movie though.


Yeah, that’s a good point. The heroes don’t get to have quiet moments because they gave them all to Thanos :smiley:


In the long term I agree, hence the “yet”. That day will come eventually.

But I don’t think they need to make it a part of their immediate plans, and it might even weaken things if they did.


They make the best movie in the franchise?


George Lazy Boy



To a degree but I’ve found with non-fans the Bucky bits just don’t seem to be very memorable. He’s the most common one with friends and family where people ask me ‘who is that guy again?’. I know that’s very subjective but it’s how he strikes me.

I agree entirely they should have done a little more in Civil War to recap their relationship for it to work well as a standalone.


And the movie was better for it =)


I’m not sure that it was, but I definitely approve of their taking their time to explore Thanos. It was a brave experiment.


There was rapturous applause in my screening when Bucky died, probably the biggest applause I’ve ever heard in a movie theatre. Very cool.

And that’s partly why I don’t get why everyone says this movie ends on a depressing note.


Apropos of nothing, the other day I was devastatingly hung over so I rewatched Captain America: The First Avenger on cable. Some things:

  1. This movie is really good. It’s in the top third of Marvel films if not higher, imo. I’m surprised it fared poorly in that Marvel ranking thread we did a few weeks back.

  2. The Bucky actor was surprisingly good in this movie. I guess it’s hard to play the assassin with amnesia who has zero good lines.

  3. Also Evans’ best performance for Marvel. Although I did like sad hipster Cap in Infinity.


Yep, when I caught the first Cap film on TV a few months ago it went up in my estimation too. Evans’ best performance, and it anchors the character well for his future appearances.


Yeah I’ve said a few times I think First Avenger will grow to be loved by a lot more people down the line, at an MCU cinema rewatch myself and a friend found it was the highlight of the day, it’s amazing how it sets up so much stuff to come in such a heartfelt way. In context it becomes a really striking part of the canon, not just visually but emotionally as the roots to which out of the rest of this story grows chronologically. Caps existance, his legacy and that story has an effect on a lot of what comes after, through the Starks, Peggy, SHIELD and HYDRA.


George Lazenby as Captain America!