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Wow…sounds like very positive reviews. I’m going to enjoy this movie.


Has it been revealed what Pierce Brosnan’s role is yet? There was a big announcement that he’s in it, but nothing since.


He;s playing an actor who pretends to be a smuggler as a cover for a successful female one played by Stephanie Zimbalist.


So he’s reprising the Remington Steele role? :wink:
Edit: I didn’t realize who Stephanie was until after I posted :wink:



Champions of LA.


It’ll be the Avengers.



Well, I, for one, am completely shocked!

Said no one,


lol… I thought it was already announced as cancelled… it was DOA at least, so yeah, that’s about the least unexpected and shocking news ever :smile:


Has Agents of SHIELD been picked up for a sixth series?


Hasn’t been announced either way


Nope. And the season finale is called “The End,” so I’d be slightly surprised if it’s renewed, though it wasn’t in their big wave of cancellations. It’s the only ABC show they haven’t announced yet.


I’m pretty sure they approached the season 5 finale as if the show was getting cancelled. It’s always possible ABC keeps it around, but I’d be kind of surprised. Of course, I’ve been surprised it got 5 seasons considering it’s never done particularly well in the ratings department.


I heard Disney higher-ups made ABC renew it for a fifth season, but that could be apocryphal.


If Disney really likes AoS, they could always just save a sixth season as part of their streaming service launch next year if ABC wants to make room for other shows.




Now that.

Deserves to earn a Billion dollars.