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The Deadpool marketing team are great at making use of the internet and creating content others want to share. I think they’re the best in the industry - I’ve never seen another movie do so well with this kind of stuff.

Nice touch on the TBD for the studio details.


I would love to see Celine Dion’s “Ashes” from the Deadpool 2 nominated for an Oscar and even win!



Man, at this point it’s going to start being easier to list actors who aren’t in Marvel movies.


I did have some trouble with this quiz recently:



Isn’t this how the Armor Wars began?


I got 12/30 but in my defense I didn’t know who the hell half of those people were, and virtually none of the women. Basically anyone most famous for TV.


Apparently I have no memory of Iron Man 2 since basically all the ones I got wrong were from that.


May Kevin Bacon hold out forever!

…Stupid six degrees of Kevin Bacon!



Well his Tremors tv show just fell through so it’s not like he’s busy.


27 out of 30.



I know he was in First Class. I assume this was about Avengers movies.



If they don’t find a way to get Kevin Bacon into the next Guardians movie, they’re missing a beat.



Bacons worked with Gunn before so it’s not outside the range of possibilities.