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Maybe it’s time to look up flights to the US around that date. :slight_smile:


It’s never bothered me one iota that other countries get these movies before the US. What’s the concern? Spoilers are pretty easy to avoid.


This needs to be an Asylum movie


That’s the one I was referring to :smile:


They’re really not. I could have recounted most of the plot of The Last Jedi to you within a couple of days of its release, let alone a month later, when people were casually and openly debating its plot points. As I said earlier, Infinity War is being pretty liberally spoiled all over the net now, within a week of its release, after the studio went out of its way to ask people not to. There’s no way loose lips won’t sink Ant-Man’s ship for an entire month.


For me, the new Ant-Man isn’t one of those movies where spoilers are going to worry me too much, I think. It’s a silly romp where there will be loads of fun shrinking/growing action and a supervillain to chase. It’s not going to be the same as Infinity War, which was much more of a mystery as to how it was going to play out.

It is annoying having things spoiled, but I don’t think it’s going to be widely discussed on the same level as a Star Wars or Infinity War, and I don’t think the spoilers will be as meaningful even if it is.


I watched TLJ just a few weeks ago and avoided spoilers until then, it wasn’t hard. Staying spoiler free for over 2 years for GOT was harder but still possible, you have to really WANT it! :wink:


I think it’s the opposite for me. With Infinity War having such an obvious source material in Infinity Gauntlet, its end point always seemed a bit obvious, it was the stuff along the way that I didn’t want to be spoilt on. With Ant-Man and the Wasp, it’s a more broad adaptation and really, almost anything could happen. And it’s that sense of openness I don’t want to lose before I get to see it.


Clearly Brits need to migrate to the Highlands and live in a cabin for a month before Ant Man is released. It’s the only way to be sure.

That said, Infinity War was clearly a spoiler heavy movie so people were in a rush to not get spoiled. Whereas Ant Man’s not a spoiler type movie (as Dave says). Ant Man faces a new baddie, has some adventures and saves the day. There’s not that much to it. Except maybe a nod to the Infinity War at the end, but to be honest I have no idea how they incorporate Infinity War into Ant Man. They have this fun madcap romp and then everyone he loves suddenly fades into ash - the end? That doesn’t feel how this movie should wrap up.


I think the end-credits tag will tie into IW.


Maybe we should move this to the IW Spoilers thread… (If there’s anyone here who hasn’t seen IW by this point! ).


I’d make it one of the more distant Orkney Isles, just to be sure.


Last season of Supergirl had “For the Girl Who Has Everything”, which was a closer adaptation of Moore’s story than anything Marvel has ever done in their movies.

I’m 99.999% certain Moore wasn’t paid anything.


That episode was super disappointing. It gave away the hook way too soon. The Justice League animated episode did a much better job.


Agreed it was disappointing. But a botched copy of an Alan Moore plot is still a copy of an Alan Moore plot, even if uncredited (and presumably not paid for).


It’s one of my favorite stories but it’s not an incredibly original idea. The real hook of that particular story is the execution and that’s what they didn’t stick.

Are you sure they didn’t credit Moore? They did with the animated episode. I agree he should receive credit but as stated above, even crediting Moore for something he’s done can be a sticky situation.


I don’t recall seeing a credit. I could be mistaken, but it was something I was looking out for. I’ve just checked the writing credits on IMDB (I’m not sure how accurate they usually are) and it doesn’t list him, though it does list a dozen different character creators.


I haven’t seen Infinity War yet. And I was just about to brag to Martin that remaining unspoiled is actually pretty easy, and now Jim’s apparently posted the ending :frowning:


You should have moved to the Orkneys. Next time the UK gets a film first you can private message Jim the whole plot.


Just as hearing a few words about how someone’s life is going is different from actually having to live every microsecond of that life in reality, so spoilers are for the most part not the experience of watching the actual film. I take in everything, including the last time the physical screen was cleaned (and what is that brownish streak on the lower right? Usher!). Not keen on the reveal of big plot points if someone had told me about Darth and Luke before TESB, I likely would have treated them to a beating - I was young and healthy! ; but what’s generally going on seems to not diminish my enjoyment (or disgust) at the film itself. Sometimes it’s a good warning. Didn’t see Justice League until getting it on digital, and by that point the fact it was any sort of story at all was a bonus. It turned out much more fun than I expected, possibly due to those spoilers.

With television, though, it’s a different experience. I don’t want spoilers, and often even trailers reveal too much. Why? Mostly, it’s a week or two away at most, not months or years of anticipation. Give me two years, I can write a much better Justice League. Give me a week to whip up next week’s one-hour ep; well, I could well just screw the pooch. Not that good under pressure any more! TV’s a game for younger folk - criticism is a game for us ancients.

Besides, at this point, it’s really hard to surprise me.