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I like the look of Ant-Man and The Wasp, looks like they are being really imaginative with the size changing stuff. In all honesty I’m not a huge action movie fan when it just comes to fighting and the like, there has to be some twist that brings me in.


That musician still gets royalties from song and album sales if they’re listed as song writers.


There’s a lot of gray area there, though. Let’s say we’re specifically talking about his work on the Ultimates. He and Bryan absolutely contributed a lot of new ideas and effectively reconceived many of the characters, along with some specific plot elements. The first gray area becomes the question of how much of that went on to be incorporated directly into the finished films, which is difficult to quantify. Another, and this gets to the song analogy, is how much of the Ultimates was directly influenced by the years of stories involving those characters that came before? Is Ultimates far enough away to be considered an almost entirely new thing (where the characters as they previously existed are something akin to a 12-bar blues chord progression that Mark and Bryan were building around) or do they share enough similarities that it’s more like a cover, albeit a drastically changed one (something like Tori Amos’s cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, in which case the analogy would be Amos getting royalties for another, potentially different cover by a different group). That’s another gray area. And all of that’s leaving aside the Watchmen/DC argument, of royalties not being a part of the deal that was signed at the time, so the company having no obligation to provide them.

From a moral or ethical standpoint most of us would probably fall in the "Disney/Marvel could and should do a lot better at, if nothing else, rewarding the people who laid the groundwork for their success. Practically speaking, though, I think it’s a lot more complicated.


Agree on all points. But at this point financially Disney can throw a few people a bone and not have to worry if the checks will bounce.


Don’t Mark, Hitch, Bendis et al. still get royalties on their respective books?

I think creating a CB creator union is probably the best solution at this point, so that there can be actual rules to follow… I mean, it’s nice saying “yeah they should compensate” but there needs to be some set of rules and guidelines to ensure it’s all fair for everyone involved.

We’re just going in circles at this point. No one believes Disney shouldn’t share the loot anyways.

Oh also… Using the music analogy, a MCU movie is a mashup of differents covers of different OG songs I guess… =P


Oh also… Using the music analogy, a MCU movie is a mashup of differents covers of different OG songs I guess… =P

So something like this?


I would wager that credits and royalties aren’t up to Feige, and would likely fall into the domain of the Disney legal department.


Worth a punt:


The UK gets most Marvel movies ahead of the US anyway, I don’t really mind being a bit behind for once. :slight_smile:


I do.


You should sign the petition then! I’m sure it will have a huge impact on Disney’s global release plans. :smirk:


Then maybe your country should have failed to qualify for the World Cup like countries that are real Marvel fans?


That’s fine with me.


It’s weird though, loads of countries are in the World Cup, but only the UK/Ireland and Japan are delayed until August.

The World Cup is on in Russia, and they get it July 5th.


Yeah, well. Collusion.


I mentioned it in another thread, but I think it has as much to do with Disney bumping Incredibles 2 to mid-July in the UK to match the school holidays. They probably don’t want that and Ant-Man coming out too close together as I imagine there’s a reasonable amount of audience crossover, especially given that Ant-Man skews fairly young as far as the MCU goes.


American fans managed to get a simultaneous worldwide release for Infinity War. Why can’t we get Ant-Man and Wasp even a bit closer to its release in the rest of the world?


Like I say, I think Disney don’t want to cannibalise ticket sales for another big movie they have out here just a few weeks before.

To be honest it’ll be nice to have something to look forward to later in the summer. With Incredibles 2 a bit earlier and Teen Titans Go coming around the same time it should be a decent few weeks for fun superhero movies.


American fans had to wait 2 weeks for even Captain American: Winter Soldier, which is probably treason if you think about it.


Infinity War has been out a week and is being liberally spoiled everywhere online, even after a big push to ask people not to do that. There will be nothing left unspoilt in Ant-Man and Wasp a month after its US release. That outweighs it coming out around two other films I don’t really care about (for me, obviously).