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Annnd there goes the already tenuous credibility of a site that spells “news” with a z.


That does look like a lot of fun. I’m way more looking forward to this now than I thought I’d be. Definitely one to watch in the theatre.

Also, Black Goliath!


Hmm. Undecided on this one. I still haven’t seen the first one though. Maybe I’ll try to catch it on Netflix or something if it’s available.


Ronnie. Come on. Let love into your heart.


Well, Ant-Man and the Wasp has reminded me of my love for the individual/solo/focused superhero movie after Infinity War shattered my expectations.

Can’t wait.


Sometimes love tears us apart like my love for Edgar Wright making me loose interest in Ant Man. :wink:


Did you ever watch Spaced, Ronnie? If you’re a Wright fan it’s well worth a watch. It’s what got me into his stuff in the first place.


No, I haven’t. In this particular instance, it was more the idea that he would have made an incredibly interesting superhero film (probably in line with what we eventually got with Thor: Ragnarok).

Once that was off the table, I wasn’t really interested in a movie about Ant Man. It’s not like there’s a lack of entertainment options.



Oof, that bad?


There are definitely traces of Wright still in Ant-Man, but it’s not the film he would have made.

As for Spaced, it’s worth a look if you get the chance. I don’t know if it’s on any US streaming services but I think it got a Region 1 DVD release a while back.


I’ll at least have a look. I feel like Wright is kind of what Kevin Smith could have evolved into had he not lost faith in himself at a certain point in his career.


That’s a very salient point.


Spaced is maybe something that feels less unique now in the age of geek culture than it did when it first came out 20 years ago. At the time it was quite special and felt like it was made for an audience that was still quite underserved. Definitely a bit like Kevin Smith’s stuff.

(20 years ago. :open_mouth:)


Wright is far more kinetic a filmmaker than Smith.

It’s interesting to compare ‘Baby Driver’ with the films he’s made with Pegg and Frost. Without them writing with him, the amount of dialogue drops significantly.

I still think all three of them do their best work together.


I don’t disagree. It’s a bit like Millar and Bendis to me though. In certain ways, they’re worlds apart but in others they’re so similar.


It’s on Hulu:


Getting back to the credit/money issue for a minute, You are right about Millar. He is a very smart man. He knew what work for hire meant when he signed up to write the Ultimates and Civil War. He is like a musician who used to work for a major record label. He produced the creative work and they made the money. He built a rep, left the “brand name” and produced his own work, succeeded, and is now very rich. that is the way things go in the business.

Not really knowing Millar the person, so I say this with the assumption of what I would do in his place. He does not care how many billions Marvel is making from his work. He is happy with his millions made off his own work and does not care Feige says or does not say.

In my mind, Mark is like Tony Stark. He is a futurist. He looks to the future and what he can do next.


Totally agree, Mark’s the best futurist I know.

I was pretty good at it for a while, then I saw the actual future, and I found it quite disappointing. First the hoverboards explode, then we elect Bozo POTUS, and now multi-million dollar productions cannot even say a proper “Thank You” in an 18-minute credits scroll.

I wish some particular overly-rich people a very bad day.