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Which is noble, but actively removing himself more than negates that.


He owes nobody anything. I think it’s a false premise anyway, as Dave says Gibbons’ name is plastered all over Watchmen for example. He didn’t have to fight to get any credit as his name is a draw, as is Frank Miller as one of the few comic creators that have a mainstream profile.

I don’t see him having a strop makes any difference in the grand scheme of things.


I don’t think you should compel someone to falsely show support for these adaptations against their core beliefs and wishes.

Moore asking for his name to be taken off movie adaptations of his work seems to simply be an attempt to remove any implication that he is involved with them or endorses them in any way.

I don’t think that’s a barrier to those creators who do seek credit for their contributions to adaptations of work that they’ve been involved in.


Although he made a fatal error in not phoning him up to say thankyou. :slight_smile:


Pretty much what Robert and Jim said: cut a check and give them a credit “Inspired by…” or “We want to thank the following creators…”.

The check probably means more to the creators but a simple open acknowledgement seems like the courteous thing to do.


I thought that Millar and Hitch did get a ‘special thanks’ credit (as well as some other creators) in the credits for the Avengers movie, recognising that elements of the film were directly inspired by their work. Or am I remembering it wrong?


They have had them before, they got thanks for Agents of Shield and didn’t quite know why.


Please post spoilers in the spoiler thread.


A quick check on IMDB suggests that MM got a ‘special thanks’ credit in Avengers, the first two Captain America films, and the SHIELD tv show.

(SHIELD uses Ultimate Nick Fury and the Triskelion, and probably loads of other details that I’m forgetting too.)


I don’t know if you’re joking, but I’m talking about the first Avengers movie, not the latest one.

(Hopefully the statute of limitations has expired on “spoilers” for that. :smile: )


I haven’t seen the movie yet but yeah, I was joking.


In the Agents of SHIELD TV series, Millar and a whole bunch of creators receive a credit in the credits of each episode.




But imagine a scenario where DC decides to adapt “For the Man Who Has Everything,” or “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” Now, this is directly comparable to the discussion as it existed before I brought up Alan Moore. Now, you guys are arguing that it’s well within Moore’s rights to scrub his name from movies he doesn’t like. But what about these other guys who aren’t getting proper credit? What happens if Moore says he doesn’t want his name listed for a Superman movie involving these elements? What I’m saying is, it’s a dangerous precedent. And he’s been doing that, literally that, saying that if he has no input he doesn’t want to be associated, simply because he believes anyone watching those movies won’t understand that they don’t literally represent his comic book material, which to my mind is patently ridiculous because he’s been the most consistently reprinted comic book creator of the past thirty years, and subsequently the top-selling comic book creator of the past thirty years. The Watchmen movie didn’t hurt this status, Before Watchmen didn’t hurt this status, and Doomsday Clock is not likely to hurt this status. He’s been granted bulletproof status in an industry where this is rarely the case, which is the whole reason he zealously guards his intellectual property (or tries to), but gets it anyway because his status keeps his books in print and selling like hotcakes…And he’s almost completely alone in that regard. Even Miller, his closest competitor, has slipped from that status, and only maintains relevance now by recent attempts to reconcile with fans with new works. Moore doesn’t need to do that. A small slice of the current comic book readership has a clue what Alan Moore’s new material is, but for all intents and purposes he doesn’t exist now except through his classic material and the occasional additions to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Even Jerusalem went relatively unnoticed in the greater publishing community.

So yeah, I think he owes it to all the much smaller people around him to stop fighting the movies. Now, especially, as there doesn’t seem to be any kind of demand for further adaptations of his work. They can no longer “hurt” him. And all he can do is be a champion for other people. He’s got the loudest voice in comics. It would be nice to use it productively.


I simply don’t buy there’s any link between Moore’s behaviour and the willingness (or otherwise) of filmmakers to credit comics creators for their work.

Without that, there’s no argument against what Moore is doing.


As I just said in another thread, I don’t think I’m going to be able to properly convince you (or anyone else) about my viewpoint. So I don’t suppose there’s much reason to continue debating it.


Nothing is my point.

The comic adaptation world is pretty huge now. Marvel have made 18 movies without his work, Fox a load more, maybe 30 adaptations just of big two properties since Watchmen came out (and one direct to DVD Killing Joke cartoon). Then you add in the Image stuff optioned, 5 Millar films so far, 3 Robert Kirkman TV shows, Fraction and DeConnick’s production company lining up projects for a host of people.

If Moore insists on his name in there or insists on it out it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Fans seem overly obsessed with Moore’s stance because it kind of goes against everyone’s main instincts to get credit and money but it’s one man’s quirk and too small a part to change the world. None of his films have even done that well, I’m sure Black Panther made more than all of them combined.


This looks like its going to be a lot of fun.


I don’t think they’ve used anything derived from the Ultimates since series 1, but that credit is still there.

And it’s not even exclusive to Alan Moore., as the existence of the Alan Smithee movie credit bears out.


That looks like tons of fun. Ghost looks pretty cool too.

I think they’ve judged this well as a nice standalone palate-cleanser after Infinity War.