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Serious answer: Tony is self-righteous and an asshole, but he’s fun and witty while Cap’s a bit of a square. And Tony’s pragmatic while Cap is idealistic - pragmatism is a powerful motivator.

Less than serious answer: Have you seen how many people vote for assholes?


Yeah. 62,979,879.




Black Panther: HELL YEAH! That’s how a superhero movie is done. Seeing it one day after Ragnarok was perfect, I’m really jacked up to see IW in the theater now. :sunglasses: :+1:


Oh dear.

This is not good.


Sony need to stop making movies.


Wasn’t that the teaser from a month ago?

Damn, why is it saying #2 ?


You get to see Venom this time. I think it looks awesome.


Pretty sure that’s not a real trailer but a fan made one. All those images of Venom look right out of Spider-Man 3. Beyond that it’s almost all the same footage as the previous trailer.

EDIT: That trailer is not showing up in any of my feeds so I’m putting it at 95% certainty that it’s fan made.


It’s say it’s fan-made… right there in the title of the video… u_u

Yes, it’s footage from SM3 spliced with the Venom trailer, so chill down peeps =P

Although, the movie might still be shit… so…


That DNA shot is from MW favourite, ‘Prometheus’ so yeah, I’d say it’s definitely a fan trailer.


I apologise for my error of judgement here.

I will take a self imposed timeout for say… at least 5 hours


I watched this again with one of my wee boys last night.

At the time I thought it was excellent.

But in recent months I’d cooled on it slightly and even my top 10 for the year I had jaded on it.

Last night reminded me of my original feelings on it. It’s a fucking brilliant Spider-Man film.


I think it had some good moments but both the Avengers movies bored me for long periods.

The first time I went to see it both my mate and I fell asleep in the cinema, to the extent that a bunch of our other mates fell out with us because I was snoring and they had all been looking forward to the movie (as had I).

So my original review was that there were some cool bits but yeah it was boring enough to make make me snore.


There was the caveat that both of us had drank about 8 or 9 pints before hand, through the course of the day. I wasn’t blind drunk, because it had been a bit stop start, but it was enough to perhaps blame alcohol on the sleep rather than the film.

So I watched it again with my wife at home.
I fell asleep again and my wife totally lost interest.

I’m a huge Whedon fan but there’s a whole load of shit that could have been cut from the big sagging middle act of that movie. All the tesseract gobbledygook is a pile of mince.

I won’t even attempt to watch Age of Ultron again.

Civil War on the other hand I really enjoyed.




I’d go as far to say Logan, Deadpool, X2 and DoFP are better than most Marvel movies.


Sorry I’ve just realised the conversions that I’ve been responding to are 18 days old…!


I have to say, while I enjoyed X2 I don’t get the love. It’s a truly ridiculous movie full of OTT macho posturing (Wolverine and Colossus’ meeting during the raid on the mansion is the most homoerotic scene in a mainstream movie not called Top Gun) and hackneyed action tropes. Easily the most fun X-Men movie though.


I think X2 has some really well-conceived sequences of the characters using their powers in a visually interesting way. Which isn’t as commonplace in superhero movies as it should be! The Nightcrawler opening, the Blackbird sequence, Pyro at Bobby’s house, the ending at the dam - it all looks great.

Plus I feel like they captured the teen/angst elements and the us-against-the-world feel of the X-Men much better than the first movie, which had a lot to do in setting up the characters and universe.