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Is he going to be the one who stops Thanos? With his little bow and arrow? Is the MCU doing a Bayeux Tapestry?


Ragnarok or should I say RagnaROCK! That was simply bad-fuckin-ass, if only all the marvel movies could have been that good. It was the last at home Marvel movie for us to get caught up and it was a perfect finale. I was smiling through the whole thing and The Grandmaster’s nugget at the end finished it with a great laugh! It will be the first Thor movie I actually buy. Tomorrow is Black Panther…finally! :slight_smile:


Thought you’d like it.


Someone thought of a way IW def makes 2 billion…



Got a feeling we’ll be getting that again.

No, wait, Kylo Ren is totally different.


I still want to know why the Panther didn’t say during Civil War, “Hey Rhodey don’t worry about that back wound, my sister can fix you right up”. Or maybe Agent Ross is chatting with Rhodey and says “Yeah, I got shot in the back too. No problem.”


There’s not really much to resolve other than killing Kylo Ren.

The rest you can leave open for Episode X where the next generation is also fighting this same fight.


He wasn’t officially king in Civil War. Plus Rhodey is Stark’s pal and Stark’s emotional load to lift.

Ross occupies a different place politically than Rhodes as well, especially since Ross was injured saving Nakia.

The narrative motivations and political realities are not the same in both movies.


I think it’s just that Wakanda is still hiding it’s tech at that point… apart from the Black Panther suit of course… bit of a BIG clue there.


That’s a really weird scene for me in Civil War. Rhodey gets taken down because Falcon dodges the blast that Tony meant for him. Then, Tony gets pissed at Falcon.


To be fair, Tony is a self-righteous asshole


Without taking things off-topic, I wonder if they’ll actually follow through on that.

Right, back to Marvel.



Great, now I’m going to be wondering why Star Lord never just went back to Earth and got a proper iPod.

He has a ship. He’s not a child anymore. He should go and slum with the ground pounders.


If he got an iPod he’d have to go to Earth every few months.
Stick with the Zune.


And, well, it’s not the comic book Marvel Universe. All the black superheroes don’t know each other and feel no special obligation to each other for existing.

The Crew won’t be happening in the MCU any time soon.


That’s what ‘Black Panther’ was about, Wakandans didn’t see it as their problem if other black, non-Wakandan, people are in trouble. Or anyone else for that matter.


Yeah, that’s how I have seen it. Because of how CW ended T’Challa may have felt a little obligated over Bucky, especially if Steve specifically went to him for help, but that obligation was far from there with anyone else.


It was odd how many people sided with his POV when the film came out though. The whole debacle was clearly once again down to his hubris.


Never quite bought why Tony could never deal with his past, BARF or no BARF. Maybe because the Soul Stone has been dogging him all along?