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Just to say very quickly, what disappointed me about the second one was that it felt so much smaller in scale; the first one was a space adventure with a multitude of settings, loads of aliens and side characters. The second one mostly just took place on Ego, and there was hardly any plot to speak of. I also didn’t like that they repeated the character dynamics of the first one; they had become a real team and a family at the end of that movie and things between Quill and Gamorra had become pretty clear, too. 2 basicaly just repeated those two storylines.

I did love the Yondu arc. And I loved a lot of other things about it. Like I said, once I’d got rid of my disappointment about what those decisions, I was able to enjoy the movie very much.


I agree. GotG was like a doorway into another Star Wars level universe, with rich characters and history. GotG2 was going through that door to a family reunion when you don’t really know or get along with the family in a one-bedroom economy apartment - and you can’t leave.


I have no problem with people liking the first one over the second one. The first one has a lot going for it. But for me? It kind of evokes Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. A better version (really hard not to be), but…the second one doesn’t have that problem.


GotG2 isn’t even GotG… it’s just a Starlord & his daddy issues movie.

The plot just… isn’t there. Now granted, there are some really good scenes (particularly with Rocket, in the forest and in Yondu’s ship) but it still falls short. They replaced the subversive comedy for a more traditional family friendly gag comedy. Rocket was an even meaner and unlikeable asshole than in the first, whereas he was supposed to have gotten over it at the end of the first… Drax became a punch-line… Groot became a toy add… Gamora remained largely irrelevant =/

I dunno, I feel they completely missed the mark on what the movie should’ve been… but hey, people seemed to enjoy it well enough, so I guess it doesn’t matter… u_u


My buddy calls it Guardians of the travelling pants. The movie opened perfectly and then Ego took it off the rails. The whole ‘you’re special Peter, you can be a God’ is a complete misunderstanding of Peter Quill. Honestly they had it right in the comic in his Dad being some galactic overlord rather than an elder of the universe. Bring stuck on Ego was the big problem - it gave every other Guardian nothing to do, save comedic relief. Thank God Ragranok essentially gave us the Guardians sequel we needed.

The fuck??


I disliked GOTG because it felt thin. GOTG 2 felt more organized and thought out.

I agree that arcs felt less personal for the rest of the team, but I’d rather one well constructed arc than several eh ones that coalesce flimsily.


GOTG 2 just felt like to much of everything from the first one. More songs, more jokes. Most of which didn’t land. And more of characters like Rocket and Drax, who I think work best in small doses.


The second Mortal Kombat movie. A huge step down from the first one. Anyway, it ends with everyone having their separate enemy to fight, sort of like how the first Guardians ends. Here I think mostly of Gamora fighting Nebula. It just feels cheap. Again, maybe because of the association I have. Say what you want about the first (or second) Thor, but Loki was handled far, far better. You can’t honestly imagine Nebula being the main villain of an Avengers movie, but she has essentially the same role as Loki, and clearly he pulls it off better.


Man, the hate for GOTG2 is strong in this dojo. I just watched them both, in reverse order. The second is waaaaaay more refined and slick visually. There is a far greater reliance on vfx, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the movie is gorgeous. The second isn’t missing a plot, as some have said, it just has a far less kinetic one. The first was paced around movement, with the gang bouncing around the Universe being chased by Ronan, whereas the second one only (“only”) had scenes on 4planets and 3 unique spaceships, and the sense of movement wasn’t as intense.

The first is grittier, visually. More tactile sets, a lot more greys and dark shades, and a certain amount of lived-in grime. The second is cleaner.

The second is much different than the first, which I appreciate. When we get sequels that are more f the same, it can be disappointing. There are a lot of little touches in the second that the first lacked, specifically with regard to character interactions. The first one had to introduce everyone to each other and use valuable time establishing relationships, where the second one could delve into those relationships and explore them. Plus, Mantis.

The second had as many standout scenes as the first…(Nebula/Gammora fight and reconciliation, the escape on the Ravager ship, the forest scene with Rocket, the opening sequence, Mantis and Drax sitting on the steps of Ego’s palace, to name a few.)

It’s one f those movies that I like more and more every time I watch it, which is something I’ve noticed about Marvel’s recent output.


While I wasn’t engaged in the slightest with the first movie, I do have to say that I love how nicely it segued into the second.

It is easily the best first-to-sequel transition that the MCU has done.


I thought you were saying MK2 was better. That’d be crazy talk.

Tom Hiddleston is a far better actor than Karen Gillan. She made Nebula very one note.

I’d give the first move a 10, the second movie a 7.5. It’s still good, but I don’t think it’s better at all. Up until Ego it was better (Die Spaceship!), but that plot and his planet really grounded the story - they’re a cast that suit madcap adventures, scene after scene, always about to fall apart but finding a way out of the jams they find themselves in. For the bulk of the movie none of them do anything at all.


I’m really starting to think painting people gold is a bad omen.


I really like the second Guardians film. I do agree Ego derails it a bit but for two reasons:

The climax is too long and busy (a problem with every film including the first GotG).

It ropes Earth into the plot too much. I don’t care about Earth.

There just needed to be a little more of the irreverent antics. I’ve said this before but I feel like Chris Pratt’s handlers are working hard to give him more chances to show his dramatic range and get him out of the comedy ghetto. That’s fine if you want to do stuff like the Passengers, but keep that shit out of my Guardians.


I thought the climax was busy in the best way. It felt like a crashing down of the house. Funny in that way, while GOTG 1’s climax felt too…normal. Too safe.


We got some pretty good space battle stuff in GotG, along the lines of the amount we got in the Only Star Wars Trilogy. Since, actual space battles have notably declined, and I mean TFA, Rogue1, TLJ (coolest was the white-to-red sand, but it was not in space, it was on Dune Junior). A bit in ST Into Darkness, but that boiled down to a a couple shots and another big ol’ crash on a planet (shades of Generations).

Now, this is my only point this post: We need more SPACE BATTLES!

And more fightin’ robots for reals while we’re at it!


Just started reading Gundamn: The Origin and yeah!


I have a counterpoint to this: space battles in the CGI era suck. We need way, way less of having 800 animated ships zooming around incoherently.


Looking at this image for the upcoming Soldier X omnibus:


I’m now wondering if it’s influenced Cable’s design for Deadpool 2?



For the iZombie comic omnibus, Allred decided to draw Rose McIver on the cover from the show.


I was keenly aware that there were comments to this effect last year. Not singling you out. So I kept that in mind when I watched it. Honestly, I saw a pretty comedic performance from him. The part itself was less comedic, because it stayed grounded in the pathos of the situation. But the acting was pretty much exactly the same. Still weird to think this is the same Chris Pratt who was the shlub in Parks & Rec. Although his inspiration, John Krasinski, seems to be turning out the same. Minus the abs. As far as I know.