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Hiring Wright also didn’t work out for either party. The Marvel approach has its risks, but overall it’s been working extremely well for them.


Obviously the thing Warners has been missing most is their own Kevin Feige.


Isn’t that supposed to be Geoff Johns role? It just seems like he’s not great at it.


Johns is gone from that role now, Walter Hamada took over. He’s probably best known as an EP on the Conjuring/Annabelle series.


That’s interesting. For a long time the conventional wisdom was that DC hired directors to impress their style on a movie (Burton, Nolan, Snyder) and Marvel had the “house style”. I still do believe that to a great degree. Folks like Whedon, Gunn, and Waititi have infused bits of their specific sense of humor into their movies but the overall results still look and feel like every other Marvel film. I’m not sure the average viewer without your knowledge of indie movies could pinpoint what set them apart at all.

DC had been inching toward a “house style” recently and I think after the JL bomb they may pull back from that. To my eyes the worst parts of Wonder Woman are the ones where she most emulated Snyder.


I get what you mean where most Marvel movies are concerned, but if you think that Ragnarök or Guardians 2 look like every other Marvel film, you need to watch them again. Like, now!

Ragnarök in particular has a very peculiar design that’s reminiscent of 70 sci-fi movies and disco and uses a very bright and exaggerated colour palette as well as an old-fashioned synthisizer soundtrack a lot of the time. It’s way more Flash Gordon than Iron Man (or maybe even Flesh Gordon, as far as the Grandmaster is concerned).

I think that most of the other Marvel movies look like, well, most mainstream action/adventure movies do, by and large. But the Russos still have a very different approach from, say, Brannagh or Favreau, and it shows.


The soundtrack is definitely the big thing that sets Ragnarok apart, as well as the use of music in Guardians (although that has since spilled over into the other films). My recollection is that they didn’t look different from like Utlron or Dr. Strange but I will take your word for it if you’ve seen them recently and disagree.


If you’re avoiding trailers (as some of us do) then look away now;



So this movie will break every record in history.

Well played Marvel. Well played


That last exchange is perfect!



‘US$2 billion… US$2 billion…’




I managed to stay awake for Civil War this time. I liked it more than The Avengers or AoU, still some writing issues but well worth watching. Since Cap is my favorite Avenger I’ll probably get the Blu Ray to go with TFA and WS.
Next on the watch list is Dr Strange, I saw the first half or so and fell asleep but neither of the girls is willing to sit through it again. We’ll recap it along with Homecoming (which we all loved).
Tonight or tomorrow is Ragnarok then we’ll hit the theater for Black Panther.


When I finally got around to Guardians 2, I quite enjoyed it, and liked it a lot more as I focused the thrust of it on the Yondu arc, which for me means it keys in on what made the first one work, got rid of the fat, and ran with it. It’s just a goofy, heart-filled experience. Could become one of my favorite Avengers flicks.


I think you’ll be quite happy with Ragnarok.


The trailer with Led Zeppelin pretty much guaranteed I’d be watching it. :sunglasses: :+1:


It’s in one of the best scenes in the film too.


Or two…