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I rewatched both Guardians movies with the kid, the second one last night. First one was as awesome as ever, and I was happier with 2 than I was back at the cinema, because back then I was disappointed with some of the decisions they made, and this time, knowing what was coming, I could focus on the good stuff. It was fun seeing it again.

Some of the stuff going on there was a bit out there for a twelve-year-old. I know my sensibilities are different to most folks here - I only let the kid watch Avengers two years ago, and I wouldn’t have let him see Winter Soldier or Civil War any earlier than now that he’s twelve - but some of those Ego effects really show James Gunn’s Troma roots, I felt.


You mean like the entire movie :wink:


Rumours about his involvement have been doing the rounds for a while. It would be interesting casting - I could see him pulling it off.


If you have to do Carnage then there is definitely worse casting.



Okay, so I’m going to take this with a grain of salt.
A couple of things.
Firstly Marvel Studios had or have a writers group which emerging screenwriters were given a list of properties to try and break scripts or storylines for further development.
It would not surprise me if Eternals was on this list and a screenplay has been in the initial development stages.
This does not mean that it has been greenlit.
Guardians and Black Panther took a few years to get off the ground after their initial screenplays were put in development and the right directors were found.
Same with Captain Marvel.

However (and this is a long shot) this could also be a strategic bluff to force DC/Warner’s hand into pushing up New Gods and again throwing a tonne of stuff against the wall and hoping it will stick.

or you know its late and I’m cranky. Whatever.


Well hopefully one of those scripts is Agents of ATLAS and the inclusion of Jimmy Woo in Antman 2 will lead to something…

While I wouldn’t mind and Eternals movie, I don’t think it’s the best property to tackle… In fact, they should’ve done Eternals on TV and Inhumans in the movies, but I digress… =/


I’m hoping there with you on this!



I read a similar report earlier. So similar that it seems everything IW right now is getting spewed out from Press Releases practically word for word. Wall to wall coverage this whole month - I imagine Disney are spending a ton extra on ads to make sure they get daily stories direct from PRs.



Yeah, it’s a month old, but still relevant.


I won’t rehash the problems I had with Guardians 2, but I was a bit disappointed with some of the decisions they made for the story, and not all of the gags landed for me. It’s still way behind Guardians 1 for me.

It’s funny how Guardians 1/2 split people, from how I remember the thread at the time, at least. Some who loved the first one and were - like me - disappointed, some who just thought it was a great sequel to a great movie, some who didn’t like 1 and loved 2. Overall, I think Gunn can be pretty happy with both of the movies.


Speaking of rehashing, I watched Thor: Ragnarök for the first time yesterday. Yeah, I know, I know. I’ll probably seek out the thread on it instead of posting a longer opinion here, but let’s just say it was everything I’d hoped for. Such a fantastic movie.

Embracing the sensibilities of directors like Gunn and Waititi is the best thing Marvel have done, and the one that Warner will never be able to catch up with them on.


WB definitely embraced the sensibilities of Snyder.

It’s just that those sensibilities were…not good. At all.


Ragnarok is what GotG2 should’ve been… I’m wary of Gunn writting GotG3 now… =/


Watched GOTG 2 for the first time a couple of nights ago. It was good but fell short of great. I really like Kurt Russell (shave that beard and he IS Duke McQueen all the way!) and the story line of Quill’s parentage was cool. I’d probably rank it just below the first one. As sequels go, pretty good and worth the watch.


Thing is, Snyder made his name doing visually overwhelming action movies. 300 was already a superhero movie in some ways, then Watchmen, then Sucker Punch which was also a popculture superpowers thing. Big, flashy action movies. I like Snyder (I wish he’d get a decent writer on board, but I do like his visual sense), but he was always a safe bet for a superhero movie.

Whereas Gunn and Waititi had made off-beat indie comedies. In Gunn’s case, there was a superhero movie amongst those, but not the kind that would make Warner want to give him a movie.

But those guys always made very original, and very fun movies. (And very good ones, too). That’s what made them great choices. But it took the kind of balls that Warner hasn’t shown yet.


Jenkins is by far the boldest hire Warners made with their attempt at a DC movie-verse. At least in that she only really had one major feature film on her resume and it wasn’t even close to an action movie. And it was their biggest success.

Marvel has definitely done a better job either attracting or just reaching out to less obvious choices. Hell, they even hired Jenkins for Thor 2, but that fell apart (probably the best decision Jenkins could have made was walking away, though).


So far the order of my Marvel watch over the last few weeks:
Recap: The Incredible Hulk
Recap: Thor
The Avengers
Recap: IM3
Recap: Thor DW
Captain America: WS
Age of Ultron
Last night was AoU, the action was great, so is Cap’s new suit. Otherwise it seemed like a mess in the editing department. A pretty cool concept of AI out of control but the writing went off the rails pretty fast. The best part was probably the chemistry between Banner and Nat. Speaking of BW, why would a stealth operative wear glowing blue clothes? Stark became less likable and I found it hard to believe he could talk banner into inserting AI into the Vision after the first debacle that created Ultron.
Though it’s a funny scene I don’t get why the Vision could pick up the hammer, just didn’t make sense.
Overall it’s a little more enjoyable than the Avengers, I give it 3 stars, that might be pushing it.

Tonight we’ll recap Ant-Man, then straight into Civil War, I can’t wait to see Tony get his pompous metal ass handed to him. :wink: