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You are now also Thomas Funk.


You are also Tobias Funke.


Current rumor mill for New Mutants is a bit of a reverse Suicide Squad situation.
Where the trailer was a better representation of the director’s vision than the actual filmed movie, but got such a good response that they’re going back to do it like Boone envisioned.



The greatest fans in the world? Have they actually seen us?


Have you seen fans of other things?


Winter Solder freaking nailed it! I love the way Evans portrayed cap, uncompromising in his view that project insight is over stepping government authority. Even BEFORE he knew Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. The movie was put together really well, good character development without bogging down the action, lots of practical effects, hand to hand fights were awesome steeped in awesome sauce. Even Stan Lee’s cameo was the best one so far.
I give it 4 stars, with a question:
Where were Ironman and the Hulk?



Funny or Die guys are really obsessed with Thor’s pubes. Even though I’m pretty sure Thor waxes his entire body.


We need the full cut of the cave scene from Age of Ultron to know for sure.


Do we? There’s not even any hairs on his arms.


Do pubes smell that bad, in general?

Arse hairs, maybe.


Asking for a “friend”?


Aye let’s say that. He’s not sure, it’s been a while since he started getting mine waxed.

…I mean his.


Started GOTG late last night and finished it at 5am today. Much better than the first time I saw it, a ton of fun as a stand alone but really liked the tie in with the infinity stone. Pratt had me laughing the whole way through (after the depressing opening) as MCU movies go I’d give it 5 stars, in general maybe 4 stars. It’s good enough that I’ll probably buy the Blu-ray.
Tonight is GOTG2, first watch! :slight_smile:


Really, best “film” of the lot, by traditional standards. One can tell. The price hasn’t dropped on the dang thing!



I just clicked LIKE about six thousand times. Very effective, the Fuck Cancer campaign. Stephen Amell is very active with it (his mom had it).
Sometimes NSFW for some reason.

Go with the original:
(the .com seems fidgety.)