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We had some issues with my daughter’s iPad but finally straightened it out and watched Avengers last night. I’ll just say I’m glad I didn’t buy it, I actually fell asleep during the final battle. Tonight we’re watching the recaps of IM3 and Dark World, then straight into Winter Soldier.


Now that’s the good shit


I’ve had the Blu-ray sitting on the shelf unopened for 2 years, waiting for the rewatch. Cap is by far my favorite Avenger. I’m already getting a little bored with IM after only 3 movies.


I don’t know about that. I think, personally speaking, the only show where my being a comics fan had any impact on my viewing was Daredevil, because in the first season they just got him so right that my inner 13-year-old was whooping all the time. With Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luce Cage, I would say that their failings are failings as TV shows and it wouldn’t matter one bit to me if they weren’t based on comic books. Same with Punisher, it’s just an extremely well done revenge-themed show.

I also think general and fan reception are also a bit more complex than you’re making out here; Iron Fist was not just rejected by fans, but by reviewers overall. Maybe it was still a ratings success, but that’s all a bit speculative because Netflix isn’t telling. Judging from comments on the board, many comics fans like Jessica Jones a lot.

Yeah, absolutely. But then, things might be different if they’d managed to have a better overall quality. Netflix should be very glad they have Stranger Things - it’s really the only original content they have that has a must-see quality that will draw people.

As for comics TV shows not being special anymore, maybe that’s all for the best. We’ve been talking about comics arriving in mainstream culture for decades now, and it feels like it’s finally happened. Forget about the CW and Netflix shows, with stuff like Preacher or Legion TV shows out there, it’s become clear that there isn’t a hard line between comics and TV anymore; anything can be grabbed up at any time - and then the shows will have to show for themselves that they are worth watching.




I am more excited about this than about anything else at the moment. Infinity War, sure, because it’ll be great to see it with the kid and all… but I look forward to Legion Season 2 more than to Christmas this year.


Nick Fury: The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye.

Ronan the Accuser: Sorry about that.


I expect lots of eyepatch-fashion discussion between Fury and Thor in Infinity War Part Two.


“Avengers Accessorize!”



Really, I think it sort of makes more sense for “Baby Groot” to be “Groot” and not a whole new being. Since he’s a sentient tree, it would seem more likely that Baby Groot is a new creature if he was grown from a seed instead of from a twig. Having him regrow from a twig makes it seem more like a starfish losing an arm, then having the starfish grow a new arm while the severe arm grows a new starfish. If you follow me…


It’s more like taking a cutting isn’t it? It effectively makes him a clone of Groot. He’s like Boba Fett to Groot’s Jango.


Those cases are generally considered a “new” organism.

Edit: Groot would be more in line with vegetative propagation though.


Or The Prestige.


Think of the current Groot as a grafted twig, like with apple trees.


Exactly. Boba and Jango.



Yo just give me more identities.