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Iron Man 2 has some great scenes (the classic F1 race in Monaco) but gets way too caught up in reminding you that Avengers is coming every 5 minutes.


I didn’t care much for it the first time, but I knew it tied in a lot to the assembly plot so I wanted to include it. Plus it’s got Black Widow kicking ass! :sunglasses: :+1:



I’m rewatching them all in random sequence. Doc Strange and A1 were first. Guardians 2 and Dark World were next up.

Guardians 2is such a great movie. The visuals are amazing, and it’s both unapologetically dark and aggressively fun, and the performances are on point. I found myself really digging the Gamora and Nebula scene on Ego when Nebula comes after her with a spaceship. Good stuff.


I actually have a soft spot for that film too, particularly for the Easter eggs involving some Daredevil comics creators (Frank Miller cameo, Joe Quesada on the fight card, etc.). And Colin Farrell was a great Bullseye.


I really loved Affleck in the role. He was a huge fan going in and owned it. He just looked amazing in the suit. It was just during the time (which seems to be returning) when it was cool to hate Ben Affleck.


I liked the Afleck DD movie.

But I didn’t know we were supposed to hate Afleck. So yeah, what a crappy movie. Boo.


He just looked so amazing with his back to the camera standing in front of the flaming pool table.


It should surprise…no one that I’m a fan of Daredevil. Jennifer Garner was absolutely electric. Colin Farrell, great in a rare comedy role. One of my favorite Affleck roles. Michael Clarke Duncan!


If Affleck played both Batman and Daredevil does that mean he’s a Bat out of Hell?


Another MCU question from my Quora feed:


Considering all the cool characters were on Iron Man’s side and all the dweebs were on Cap’s, that’s pretty obvious.


Hawkeye wasn’t on Ironman’s side.


Hulk would be on Cap’s side, while Banner would be on Tony’s - and that might just cause a problem.


Banner would have to be on Stark’s side. He knows better than anyone the consequences of great power without great responsibility.

Thor would be on Cap’s side because Mjolnir.


Banner was literally hiding from the government at the beginning of Avengers and the accord was being overseen by the guy who repeatedly tried to have him killed. There’s no way Banner would have signed.


I think the truth is everyone in Civil War was a dweeb, the cool kids were flying through space instead.


Matches the comics then! While everyone was being an arse in Civil War, Annihilation was in full swing out in the galaxy.


So… this is a thing that Netflix did to promote Jessica Jones season 2.