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The worse part of the Jane Foster movies were Thor.


And Thor: The Dark World


For me she always seems to play roles the same way - emotionally detached brilliant person, almost on the spectrum type. She wouldn’t be convincing as a mother, or in a rom com, or just as a working class person. Her performance in V for Vendetta made Evey almost emotionless and detached. She had no connection at all in Star Wars. She just seems to play herself - a wealthy, distant, driven kind of young woman. To me it’s not acting if you’re just being yourself. I think there’s a hundred young actresses that are more talented than her, but she’s somehow managed to carve out a career.


Watching something like The Other Boleyn Girl, where she gets to play a manipulative woman who keeps getting herself into trouble, you can see Portman’s strengths. She does vulnerable very well, but seeing her assert herself proves there’s more art to her acting than she gets credit for.


I agree. Jessica Jones, for instance, may not be the best show of all time by any stretch of the imagination, but Kristin Ritter basically becomes a whole other person compared to what she’s like in real life. Then you have something like Orphan Black. Portman’s talent would be dwarfed by just one of the characters Tatiana Maslany plays in it.


Or iZombie, where Rose McIver has to play a different character each episode.


So you’re not a fan of the George Clooney/Mark Wahlberg school of acting? :wink:


I’m editing a project now in which I play three different roles. Acting differently than yourself isn’t easy, every time I have to edit my own performance I’m painfully aware of that. :wink:
Tatiana Myslany is freaky level of amazing.


I’ve never seen him act so I don’t know if he’d be good or not.


Looks like that Nightwatch movie is going forward:


The list of actors who just play themselves is really long. We praise them for their skill, but really they’re just the same in real life. It’s not a huge issue, but we should recognize those who can transform themselves into a different person. That’s incredibly difficult.

Someone I like is Rose Leslie. Completely convincing as Ygritte in GOT and then in real life she’s this posh lady. That’s acting.


You think that’s impressive? Peter Dinklage is 6’3” in real life!


In thar regard I agree that Tatiana Maslany is probably one of the best actors out there… she did manage to play 5 or 6 clones of herself in a REALLY convincing and unique way all on her own… not easy.


If it does happen, I hope it’s better than Spike’s last comic book movie.


As proven by Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse.

As to acting yourself or not it gets a little nuanced as there’s appeal and charisma to play in. So for example Bill Nighy more or less plays the same bloke in every film but I like that character and it makes me laugh so I don’t care. Other actors do it and leave me cold.

An actor like Peter Sellers couldn’t even bear appearing as himself on chat shows but easily played 5 distinct characters in a film. A lot is in the training or path an actor takes in a career, if you start in theatre it’s pretty impossible to only play yourself, plays don’t work that way. If you come through television you can get away with it, Jennifer Aniston is super popular around the world playing a ditzy but nice gal, let’s make 15 rom-coms with her doing the same.


New Iron Man? :open_mouth:


I am deeply confused by this comment.


I initially thought they were leaking a pic of a rebooted Iron Man. Now I realise it’s probably Ant Man. Sorry :flushed:


I will be attending one of these.


Yeah that was the part that confused me since I couldn’t figure out who you thought was the new Ironman.