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Guardians is not a DC movie guys.

I know… I know you really want it to be. But it’s not.


You’re in the wrong thread Tim.

This is the Marvel thread.


I need to protect my investments from weirdos like you and Ronnie and Will and Jim.



I’ll give it a shot. It looks decent but not groundbreaking.


Holy shit, not another fucking thread about shitting on DC movies. Stick to Marvel movies.


I wish I was more excited about The Defenders. Hopefully, it can rekindle the Netflix Marvel shows for me.


Defenders is going to be dead in the water.

I hope Legion S2 is able to really seize the chance to move the story forward.


That’s because it is for the most part. It airing on Freeform, whose demographic is primarily tween and teenage girls.


Ronnie started it! :wink:


I think I strolled through a portal.

Now where am I?


You know, The Gifted reminds me of Heroes more than anything.


I’m probably one of the biggest x-men fans here and I’m not really that interested in it.


Yup. That was exactly my impression from the trailer.


They even have the Heroes thing where the kids’ father is one of the agents who tracks mutants down for a living.

I’ll give it a shot, but my expectations aren’t high.


This is pretty cool. Dafne Keen’s (semi-improvised) screen test for Logan, with Hugh Jackman.

(Minor spoilers for Logan.)



Betteridge’s law.


Especially if it says “confirmed”. That’s a bit at odds with the question mark to begin with.


Unless he’s scheduled for something else I can’t see him turning the job down. He’s a smart guy and the high profile jobs are good for his career. He tried to launch his own franchise with ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and it went nowhere.

Plus, Magneto has got a lot of the good scenes recently. Even in ‘Apocalypse’ which was (arguably) a bit poor, Erik got a lot of emotional screen time which actors traditionally go after.


Video of Angela Bassett on working on BP and working with Ryan Coogler