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Also, yes.


I think it depends on the material with her. She can’t do George Lucas or be the generic woman in a Marvel movie but she’s done some very good work as well.



I feel that this appeal will not help the defendant’s case.


Yeah, that’s kind of Exhibit #1 for the prosecution.


He has a lifetime pass for Face Off alone:


Everyone forgets that before he went broke, Cage was an amazing character actor.
He has a very well deserved Oscar for Leaving Los Vegas


Oh, I know he’s talented. He gets mocked relentlessly now, and it’s like kicking a man when he’s down, really. The less he’s taken seriously the fewer respectable roles he can land. But probably a good superhero role could help things. It certainly worked for Robert Downey, Jr. Cavill want to give him Superman?:wink:


Nicolas Cage as Superman - why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?


He hears your call!


Nicholas Cage would have been great as Reed Richards. He’s too old now, but he’s one of the few actors who could have made him work.


I never thought of that but dam! That’s an unfortunate missed opportunity.


Nic Cage as The Infinity Man


Imagine him as Metron! Or The Question. I’d kill for a good Question movie, especially if it riffs on 52, that passing-of-the-torch with Renee Montoya. Which would be a perfect movie for this climate.


Seeing that red thong in his Superman costume, you can see why DC tried getting rid of the underpants entirely.



She’s not terrible, she’s… alright. But yes, she did peak with Leon.


I loved her in Jackie recently. She’s very good in Annihilation, though the supporting cast are better.


Her performance never bothers me, and she can be good, but I think Black Swan showed that good is kind of the limit, and that her performance will never be great. I’m fine with her especially in the Marvel roles, though, she does a perfectly fine job. And I’m looking forward to Annihilation.


I agree.

The worst parts of the Jane movies were the stories.