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I missed the part where he was forced to do these big movies.


Ian McKellen did not have a good time making The Shadow. There were lots of backstage negativity and shenanigans. He never thought he was whoring, though. He thought it an experience he would like to avoid in the future, then went and had a grand time with being Gandalf. Attitude is quite important!


I removed the context from the quote to focus on the funny bit, but the section of the article leading up to it gives you a bit more of an idea of where he’s coming from (ie. that he went into those jobs with his eyes open, knowing that they would be less fulfilling roles for him personally but would pay the bills):


I would have said the same thing until last year but now it is Thor, mostly for Ragnarok. Funnily enough, it is also probably the one that has the strongest arc across the three films as Thor realises his destiny of becoming king. I’m also not as negative about Dark World as most are. Then again, I’d watch any old shite with Chris O’Dowd in it. Even Bridesmaids.


Even Gulliver’s Travels?


No, I think my inability to handle Jack Black defeated my love of the Dowd with that one.


Feige apparently mentioned in an interview (I apologize if I skimmed over this being talked about up thread) that Infinity War will be like Star Trek: The Next Generation’s final episode “All Good Things…,” insofar as nobody died but there was still a sense of completion thanks to that classic closing moment of Picard finally joining the poker game. Seems to me a pretty clear signal that there won’t be major character deaths in this movie.


I’m sure he’s telling the truth too.


I was so confused when I first saw Guardians of the Galaxy, because I knew Bradley Cooper was voicing Rocket, but Rocket didn’t sound like Bradley Cooper…but Rocket was a standout, both movies. I don’t get why Cooper doesn’t go after more character roles.


You guys are focusing on the line about Thor and ignoring the part where he says Nicolas Cage is a gentleman and fantastic actor.


He is a gentleman and a scholar. Anything else you heard is lies! Lies! And besides, probably his twin brother Micolas Cage…


Or major character deaths that are rolled back at the end with the all the infinity.


Rewatched CA and IM, I bit the bullet and ended up buying them. Those are both great movies, RDJ and Evans are perfect in their roles, I thought Evans was awesome all the way through, though a few of the shots with the shrunken body were weird looking.
#3 on the watch list is The Incredible Hulk, saw it years ago and didn’t like it so it’s getting skipped.

#4 is Ironman 2, I’m going to see if I can find it for a reasonable price. I watched the trailer and it looks pretty good, plus it seems to tie in heavily with the overall arc.
I got a little more pumped up for the marathon after watching those first two back to back. :slight_smile: :+1:


First Avenger is the only one I actually own.
Made a note to buy it right after I saw it.

Did the same for Ant-Man…but lazy.


The chronological supercut I’m doing (which won’t be finished until BP can be slotted in) makes The Incredible Hulk really quite good and adds to both Thor and IM 2 as it lasts through all of them (due to something called Fury’s Busy week where all three overlap). All three are added to, story wise, because of it I think, and I’m hoping to use a bit of creative licence to add to later films in the same way (Dr. Strange especially).


I love it! :+1:


But how did you erase Liv Tyler’s performance?


Alas, both Betty Ross and Jane Foster remain in the cut.


Woah woah, are you throwing shade at Natalie Portman here?


She’s a terrible actress. She peaked with Leon.